Cancer Industry of Death

We all know about the millions of deaths each year by cancer.  It’s up to 12,000,000 people in America alone.

Let’s talk instead about Phyto-plankton and the man who invented a method for farming it and turning it into a packaged powder that is edible and completely non-toxic.  Since Phyto-plankton is a proven cure for cancer, one of many, you can imagine to what extent Mr. Tom Harper is targeted by the cancer industry, though he wouldn’t believe it himself.

Here is Tom Harper in one of several youtube videos talking about his experience with

It’s not enough to know what Phyto-plankton does, what’s more important is to know where to get the absolute purest form of it directly from the inventor of the process.  Great lies are told to divert people from the real thing.

Considering that Phytoplankton is such a cancer-killer, then why aren’t doctors telling people about it?

The answer is that Big Cancer is a big money-making business and those who benefit from it are not going away easily.


It appears that for the Big Cancer, it’s either kill or be killed.  This video is one of many on the subject of the death and disappearance of many Wholistic doctors.


Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harper have been firm believers in modern medicine.   Tom discovered the healing properties of phytoplankton by “accident”.  He was actually growing it as food for shellfish like oysters and clams, and to feed Muscovy ducks.  It was pure intuition, God whispering in his ear, that motivated him to eat the stuff himself after doctors declared that he had cancer and would die within months.  How our medical system has succeeded in announcing and possibly even perpetrating the death of so many people for so many generations can only be explained by this selection from Revelation, especially at Revelation 13:10:


The whole earth was amazed and followed the beast.

Everyone worshiped the dragon because he had given his authority to the beast. They worshiped the beast also, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who can fight against it?”

 The beast was allowed to make proud claims which were insulting to God, and it was permitted to have authority for forty-two months. It began to curse God, his name, the place where he lives, and all those who live in heaven.  

It was allowed to fight against God’s people and to defeat them, and it was given authority over every tribe, nation, language, and race.

All people living on earth will worship it, except those whose names were written before the creation of the world in the book of the living which belongs to the Lamb that was killed.

“Listen, then, if you have ears!

Verse 10:

Whoever is meant to be captured will surely be captured; whoever is meant to be killed by the sword will surely be killed by the sword. This calls for endurance and faith on the part of God’s people.”


Is it possible that some people are getting cancer the exact same way laboratory mice,  by having inserted surgically or otherwise?  Cancer cells of any type can be purchased on the internet from several companies, one of which is mentioned in this important study which uses Tom Harper’s phytoplankton to prove that phytoplankton is deadly to cancer break-off cancer cells.

Here are two examples of how easy it is to purchase cancer virus cells on-line:  which sells

  • Product name

PC3 whole cell lysate

  • General notes

Cell line: PC-3 (Human prostate adenocarcinoma).
Growth media: DMEM/Hams F12 and 10% NCS (Newborn Calf serum).


You can add this and other cancers to your cart.  But Abcam does have competition. Here is a cut and pasted product listing from an online company that sells cancer cells:



biological source prostate from human
growth mode Adherent
karyotype 2n = 46, triploid, modal no. 62
morphology Epithelial
application(s) cell culture | mammalian: suitable

Show More (10)

Tumourigenicity studies

Cell Line Origin

Human Caucasian prostate adenocarcinoma

DNA Profile

STR-PCR Data: Amelogenin: X
CSF1PO: 11
D13S317: 11
D16S539: 11
D5S818: 13
D7S820: 8,11
THO1: 6,7
TPOX: 8,9
vWA: 17

Culture Medium

Coons Modified Ham’s F12 + 2mM Glutamine + 7% Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS).OR Kaign’s modified Ham’s F12 + 45mg/L ascorbic acid + 18 mg/L Inositol + 2mM Glutamine + 7% Foetal Bovine Serum (FBS).

Subculture Routine

Split sub-confluent cultures (70-80%) 1:2 to 1:6 i.e. seeding at 2-5×10,000 cells/cm2 using 0.25% trypsin/EDTA; 5% CO2; 37°C. Medium change every 5 days. The initial subculture interval after cells are thawed may be longer than 7-9 days.

Cell Line Description

Established from a grade 4 prostatic adenocarcinoma from a 62 year old male Caucasian.

The cells grow in agar and produce tumours in nude mice.

Exhibit low acid phosphatase and testosterone-5-α reductase activity.

The Y chromosome could not be detected in this cell line by short tandem repeat (STR)-PCR analysis when tested at ECACC.

It is a known phenomenon that due to the increased genetic instability of cancer cell lines the Y chromosome can be rearranged or lost resulting in lack of detection.

The cell line is identical to the source provided by the depositor based on the STR-PCR analysis.


Price and Availability

SKU-Pack Size Availability   Price (USD) Quantity    
90112714-1VL                   Only 6 left in stock (more on the way) –     FROM   $392.50  




On-line Source October 2017


It is not in their interest to put any cures on the market.  The cures have already been found. The last line of every research paper calls for more research, even as the list of references proving that Tom’s Phyto-plankton kills cancer cells, keeps getting longer and longer.

Research into Phyto-plankton has proven since 1994 that it absolutely attacks break-off cancer cells.  Phyto-plankton and other known cancer cures have been prevented from entering the market place for a long time now.  Unless you purchase directly from the patent holder himself, Mr. Tom Harper, you must read the product description very carefully.  At the end of this article is a way to order directly from Tom Harper through this blog.

Fake Phyto-plankton retailers generally carry disclaimers that assure you it’s not actually going to be Phyto-Plankton that you’ll receive in your package, no matter what the on-line product description says  on E-Bay or Amazon.  The disclaimer tells you to read the label carefully, after you’ve received it.  They won’t show you the label before you order, but I will.


St. John’s Revelation predicted:


Who will be captured, will be captured.  Who will fall by the sword, will fall by the sword.  As for the rest of us, we must remain faithful and true to the glorious end.”


So many have been captured, mostly by their own belief in the Sickness Industry.

How easy it is to order PC-3 rectal cancer cells from GE Life Sciences Hyclone products on-line shopping cart.   I’m sure they have ready words in their own defense.  We have no one on our side defending us, except our own selves, and so many have given up.  It really is in God’s hands, whether we survive or not.


While natural remedies are often ridiculed by the Big Cancer,  few people hesitate to take Tramadol, which a very quick internet search reveals to be synthetic opium.  A quick read reveals that synthetic opium is much stronger and much more dangerous than the regular kind, and it’s all made from the poppies being grown in Afghanistan.  What surprises me most is the vehemence with which victims of these monstrous doctors defend their very murderers.  Can a doctor be excused for ignorance?  I say no, yet most of the worlds brainwashed beings actually do excuse their doctors for ignorance, even when the result is death of a loved one.


Tom Harper’s Patented Natural Phytoplankton

30 Capsules of super-compact nutrition and proven cancer fighting action. These capsules are directly from Mr. Tom Harper, now living in Hawaii. He is the Canadian inventor and patent-holder of the only known method for growing Phytoplankton, dehydrating it and marketing it in 100% pure form. There are many imitators who make the same claim, but this is the only guaranteed pure phytoplankton. It is grown on Vancouver Island, Canada. This is the brand used by scientists and researchers who’ve proven in laboratory studies that Phytoplankton attacks break-off cancer cells and kills them dead so that you can live. This is not a food supplement, nor is it a vitamin or medicine. Phytoplanktom is food, so remember to put it in your food budget. Price includes shipping within the United States. Full laboratory study at


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