Miracle on the Big Island

The miracle is that I survived an assault on me by about 20 male and female Hawaiians at Hookena two days ago.  These are people I’ve never seen before, so the question is who hired them? There have been many other racially motivated attacks on white people at Hawaiian beaches, but it’s pointless to make a single report to the police.  Unless a barrage of … Continue reading Miracle on the Big Island

Embassy, Israel, Jerusalem and Trump

Update:  BiBi needed this United States Embassy Move To Jerusalem to win his next election.  Trump just signed an executive order, same one signed by every President before him since the EO was first introduced. It’s the one that pushes off, delays the building of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.  It’s leverage, a big help to any nation that his Batard Son might be President … Continue reading Embassy, Israel, Jerusalem and Trump

Atheism: Anti-White, Anti-Catholic Agenda

  The Replacement of Sacred Rites with Secular Rites Atheism always fully intended to use persecution, violence and trickiness to turn people away from their ancient religious rites and cultural norms.  Without this ancient structure to our lives, we are left empty and this emptiness is what allows our enemies to fill people’s heads with anything they choose.   They tell us that these ancient … Continue reading Atheism: Anti-White, Anti-Catholic Agenda