Embassy, Israel, Jerusalem and Trump

Trump agreeing to move the American Embassy  from its present location in “Israel” to Jerusalem is the funniest news I’ve heard since his election.   Of course it’s brilliant, but only if threats from other Middle Eastern nations are actually carried out.  They’ve been threatening war with Israel and America if the Embassy is ever moved.  Big deal.  The war is already on, let’s just call … Continue reading Embassy, Israel, Jerusalem and Trump

Atheism: Anti-White, Anti-Catholic Agenda

  The Replacement of Sacred Rites with Secular Rites Atheism always fully intended to use persecution, violence and trickiness to turn people away from their ancient religious rites and cultural norms.  Without this ancient structure to our lives, we are left empty and this emptiness is what allows our enemies to fill people’s heads with anything they choose.   They tell us that these ancient … Continue reading Atheism: Anti-White, Anti-Catholic Agenda