Embassy, Israel, Jerusalem and Trump

Update:  BiBi needed this United States Embassy Move To Jerusalem to win his next election.  Trump just signed an executive order, same one signed by every President before him since the EO was first introduced. It’s the one that pushes off, delays the building of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.  It’s leverage, a big help to any nation that his Batard Son might be President of.

My original article follows.

Trump agreeing to move the American Embassy  from its present location in “Israel” to Jerusalem is the funniest news I’ve heard since his election.   Of course it’s brilliant, but only if threats from other Middle Eastern nations are actually carried out.  They’ve been threatening war with Israel and America if the Embassy is ever moved.  Big deal.  The war is already on, let’s just call the bluff.  Or maybe it’s not a bluff.  The whole “Arab” world warns of death and destruction, the rain of hellfire on Israel, and the loss of America’s role as “mediator” now that this announcement has been made to move an Embassy.  Okay, sounds fine with many of us.

Does anyone out there really think that Americans enjoy having their assets and taxes stolen by a criminal government to finance all this insanity?  No one would know what Americans think since the Arabs and Jews have clamped down on all our media, and then pretend to be us as they spread slander, lies and hatred.


Will American Embassies all over the world be targeted?  They already are, which is why the Embassy cannot be completed for another four years, like American Embassies all over the world.  So when does the war begin?  When the architectural plans are approved?  At the groundbreaking?  When the building is complete?  Kind of tricky isn’t it?


This particular American Embassy employs 1000 people.  They are free to quit their plush, high paying “jobs”, if they feel unsafe in this new environment.


The claim that this piece of ground is sacred to all “Major Religions” is another joke to anyone who’s been a regular reader of this blog.  There is only one religion, unless you count Satanism, which is what the Jews are doing here.  Obviously Christians are not coveting control of this ground.  Who cares except the people who live there?


Fighting over a Dead Duck

There’s a joke about a little old Acadian Farmer and a New York Jewish billionaire out on a duck hunt.  The Jewish hunter shot a duck on the farmer’s property and the farmer wanted his duck back.   Jew billionaire duck hunter says, “Don’t you know how rich I am? I can keep this duck if I want”.  So the farmer agrees to not call the police, but only if the Jew claimant to the duck agreed to this protocol:  They each take a turn punching each other up and whoever wins gets the duck.  So the billionaire Jew agrees to let the farmer go first, seeing as the farmer was so scrawny.  Looking forward to smashing up that little farmer, the Jew with DNA from Akbar lets the little farmer beat up on him a bit, and it was more than just a bit.

Now it’s the turn of the Billionaire New York Jew to beat up on the Little Acadian Farmer.  So the little farmer says, “Never mind, you can have the duck”.   Jerusalem is the dead duck and Netanyahu is the one who is about to end up with it.

No one has ever proven that this Jerusalem is the place where Jesus walked, or that it was the only place where Jesus ever taught.    The existence of both King David and Mohammad has never been proven.  The funniest part of all is the actual existence of 11 other tribes of Israel with equal claim to the same real estate based on historical nonsense.  No, that’s not the funniest part of all.   Even more hilarious is the precedent that this sets.  It’s all fun for the Jews to claim territory based on lies about history, but what happens after this legal precedent, when Catholics/Orthodox regain power and press claims on territory using provable truths about legal titles to territory.

So when President Trump decides to move the Embassy of the United States of America to Jerusalem, he says that it is the Embassy to Israel, and I take it at face value.  The Zionists will be done away with according to prophecy, along with their helpers, and the true tribes of Israel, all of them, will possibly repopulate and replenish the deserts of Syria.  All that’s needed is to drill water wells.  A very simple solution that these slave trading tribes can’t seem to figure out.

Trump gives in to Bibi’s demands with full knowledge that it will kick off a hell storm against ‘Israel’, or not.  He is doing precisely what needs to be done.   This way Bibi, like a spoiled child, will get what he wants and that will finally put an end to so much that we are all sick of, we hope.  If only the ‘other Arab’ nations follow through on their threats and do us all a big favor.   Time for a showdown.


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