Miracle on the Big Island

The miracle is that I survived an assault on me by about 20 male and female Hawaiians at Hookena two days ago.  These are people I’ve never seen before, so the question is who hired them?

There have been many other racially motivated attacks on white people at Hawaiian beaches, but it’s pointless to make a single report to the police.  Unless a barrage of calls are received by the authorities, nothing will be done.  The Jewish woman who acts as though she is in charge of Hookena beach, her name is Donna, told me that since white people are so arrogant, we deserve to be harassed.  Wealthy Jews live safely in walled compounds. It’s open season on the rest of us.

Donna the Jewess decides who is not being sufficiently humble and sics her dim-wits on who she wishes at Hookena.  She also said that evolution will bring about the extermination of white people anyway, and that she, as a Jew, will now be the French, the Polish, the German, etc.  As you can see, the non-white races now demand our submission, and unless we grovel to them, we deserve to be killed.  Believe me, they mean to kill me and us.  But this is not just an issue of race, that’s just a symptom of the problem.  This is a war being waged against us by the drug and child slavery industry.   Illegal trade enriches half-wits, allows them to take over our recreational areas, and leaves us without protection by either police or military.  Growing up in Louisiana, it was understood that any white people attempting to use public recreational facilities would be attacked by the blacks.  I was never able to use a public pool until I moved to Florida in my thirties.  I was amazed.


The idea of Jewish racial superiority has gotten random people bragging about having Jewish blood in them.  Young Asians in Hawaii buy into Jewish exceptionalism by wearing “Chosen People” t-shirts, certain that they too are free from the rules that the rest of us mortals have to abide by.  This is a serious racial superiority issue, and the whites have all but given up.  Those of us who still have some self respect are now singled out by the Jews as being “arrogant whites”.  And whites are arrogant by definition, it’s a stereotype that they think gives them permission to kill every last one of us.  The man named Damien who works at Hookena was the first one to approach with a sexual invitation two or three weeks ago.  When I told him to get lost, that started the trouble.  My refusal to have sex with him was “white arrogance”.

These attacks on white women are designed to demonstrate that white men can’t or won’t defend their women.  I did not call the police about the attack because one Officer Marciniak (spelling is approximate) already warned me that any report that I make to the police will be considered harassment of the people reported on, and that I will be arrested for such.  This was about a month ago when Marciniak demanded that I give him all of my personal contact information, basically accusing me of stealing a radio from my recently deceased neighbor’s car.  My other neighbors are obviously cooking up crystal meth every night, they have a clear path to the stolen radio from their house but this police officer certainly was not interested in an investigation.  I was told by a friend of Donna’s that once a police officer visits a person the way I was visited, it’s a sign that the person better leave immediately because the police have me targeted.  That’s why I did not make a police report about this attack.  This is my report to the public, and this is what I have to say about it.

The drug and tourism trades seem to go hand in glove.  Besides the fact that the tourism industry drains a local economy and leaves the native inhabitants without access to recreational areas, there is also the problem of drug and child trafficking, as well as the danger that white people now face due to racial hatred.  The Jews have made a total mess of absolutely everything.

The only solution is to boycott the tourism industry.

The relationship between the tourism industry and increased crime is detailed in this study:


Prior research has noted a statistical relationship between increased crime rates and tourism in resort destination areas. This study utilizes data from two Hawaii counties to derive independent crime rates for tourist and resident sub-populations. The analysis reveals that tourists in both counties experienced higher rates of larceny, robbery, and rape than residents. In Honolulu, tourists also had a higher rate of burglary. These data suggest that earlier findings of a relationship between tourism and crime are explained, at least in part, by the fact that tourists are disproportionately the victims of crime. A number of factors including certain attributes of tourists themselves as well as certain aspects of the tourist industry are discussed to explain these findings.


The following report is from ten years ago, but the crimes have only continued.  The police have discouraged me from reporting  crimes, explaining that a report to the police is considered harrassment of whoever is being reported.  The last time I tried to report a crime, the officer simply refused to accept my report of suspicious activity concerning possible drug manufacture, possible murder and theft.

The officer was basically accusing me of stealing a radio three months prior.  This is the very crime that makes the death of my other neighbor, the good one, highly suspicious, since the theft and the death were almost simultaneous.

The officer declined to fill in the report that I made to him,  so I can only conclude that lack of a report would result in the appearance of a lower crime rate, which is the goal of the police.  Maybe there is a more sinister explanation, I don’t know.

This also explains why the police get angry at anyone who reports a crime, as I’ve experienced.

Here is a police report on violence at Hookena Beach .  These Assaults occurred on 02-23-07, and I’ve interviewed an eyewitness who was there for most of the incident.  This report does not state that the assaults occurred because a white woman approached some men who live at Hookena and asked them to please keep the noise down.  A seventeen year old girl Hawaiian girl punched the white woman in the face and the rest of her people attacked every single person in the campground.

This is war against white people taking firm hold in Hawaii, with the apparent support of the police.  Tourists who continue to support this evil tourism empire need to be aware that household incomes in Hawaii are plummeting.  Your tourism dollars are very carefully kept from entering the local economy in any meaningful way, and this is true of every tourist destination on the planet.   The  islands of Hawaii are occupied by gangsters from every nation, but the thugs that are responsible are the ones in the schools, government and media who rile up dimwits to do their evil bidding.

326-4646, EXT. 249
FEBRUARY 23, 2007


Kona police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the people responsible for several misdemeanor assaults at Hookena Beach Park on January 27. Multiple campers at the park reported that a group of men in their 20s accosted them at the park.

The first victims reported at 7:32 p.m. that they had been assaulted at the park and were on their way to Kona Community Hospital. As officers were taking the victims’ statements at the hospital, police received an 8:05 p.m. call from other victims at the beach who requested an ambulance.

Five officers and a Fire Department ambulance arrived together at Hookena Beach Park at 8:37 p.m.

A total of six assault victims, including the ones at the hospital, filed reports with Kona police that night. The next day, three more victims filed assault reports stemming from the same incident.

Kona police have identified possible suspects based on witness descriptions and tips from the community and continue to pursue those leads.

“We take this incident very seriously,” said Captain Paul Kealoha, Kona District commander. “Random crimes of this nature are isolated and we intend to keep it that way by apprehending the responsible parties, thus deterring this type of criminal behavior.”

Since the date of the assaults, police have been conducting surveillance at Hookena Beach Park using both uniformed and plain-clothed officers. They also have made several arrests at the park unrelated to the actual assaults.

Police are continuing their investigation into the nine misdemeanor assaults. They ask anyone with information about these cases to call Officer Darren Cho at 326-4646 extension 253.

Chief Lawrence K. Mahuna said police are dedicated to preserving the aloha spirit.  “We do not tolerate attacks on campers or anyone else,” Mahuna said.  “We are investigating these cases and will take every measure, both reactive and proactive ones, to see that the individuals responsible for these assaults are brought to justice.”

The police never did find the culprits.  The difference between the violence of this weekend, and that of 2007, is that it is mostly on film.  I have one of the films that show who the culprits are, but who do I bring it to?

Perhaps this old friend of mine will rescue me while I’m snorkeling off the coast and bring me to Russia where I can do a few reports in peace:


Who is he, you might ask.  I’m not real sure myself.  I met him at Tulane when I was a freshman there and I called him the Lithuanian fool but really I thought he was so cool for laughing about it.  He knew better and so did I. He was no fool and he was the first person who explained to me what a Jew is.  I had no idea.  I’m very happy that the Lithuanian is back.  Now if only he could recover Brabande and Lodeve.


No Lithuanian fool for sure.

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