BiBi Lectures Putin about Fake History

Bibi just insulted Mr.  Putin by publicly bullying Putin into appearing to agree with the myth of Jewish Suffering as superior to the very real Russian suffering under Jewish Bolshevism. This brings us to the study of what happened at Sauliac in Lithuania and whether this might be the same word as Lotharingia. There’s so much to say about Lithuania, but for now let’s do this exercise.

To show what a hypocrite Bibi Netanyahu is, and get a bonus study in theatrical headpieces, look for photos of the father of Little Jon Benet Ramsey, and inspect that man’s forehead and hair.  You’ll see how it’s a hat that fits over the nose and makes a young man appear older, changing the nose profile as well. What you’re looking at is the same Larry Hargraves (((Nichols))) that plays Bibi.  Watch his jaw line as he speaks and you’ll begin to see Bibi appear.

So add John Bennett R. to that list of characters played by my first husband, Randy Whatley who spent our marriage spreading a pirate history and trying to pin it on Catholics. Now he lectures and insults an honest man whose name hints at his power.

These Royal Bastards work gradually, changing the word Acadian to Cajun. Now it rhymes with Pagan and has the word Ju in it.  What do you think is next?

Extra bonus for studying John Bennett Ramsey is that Randy Whatley/Netanyahu actually changed his first wife, Gizi, for the one he has now named Sara. You’ll see her made up as if she were the first mother of Jon Benet.   Also note how much Ryan’s little sister looks like Arlene.

Who does Ryan look like? Who is his grandfather, the one signed as Robert Hargraves on the hospital receipt?  Could it be the man called Hudson, and is that the same man as the Huddleson in the Dudley book, and a Jack Huddleson that my father knew in business? Look up parents of Katy Perry if you’re still with me.


This is what I found.


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