Charenton Louisiana

We’ll be looking at a pictorial explanation of how The Civil War was a war against the people of America, waged on them by Bastard Dudney’s using false identities on both sides.  We’ll be looking at the portraits of Dudney family members who used disguises and trick photography to play our presidents and law-makers along with lots of others who sneak around to harm the rest of us.  This will take some time, but let’s begin in the middle at Charenton, Louisiana.

Alexander Porter is the name of the owner of the plantation home at Charenton that opened the gates to the Yankees, giving them free access to Acadiana. The result of the Civil War was the burning of prominent homes full of portraits and documents.  Every courthouse  throughout America that came into their path was burned, in between the theft of warehouses of course.  In the pirate genealogy, it shows that the Bastards were on both sides, and they were helping each other out, as described in the stories of George Washington Cable, reading between the lines of course.  In the genealogy of the pirates who ran slave plantations in Acadia, Nova Scotia in the mid 1600’s the name Porter appears as married to someone named Helene before the date of this portrait.  This may be the Delgado family also.  The Delgado brothers were the “friends” of Francis Grevemburg at Yale. These two ‘friends’ ended up getting Albania after the assassination of the Francis Grevemburg.

This is their home today, the home of former Louisiana Governor Murphy Foster, who handed over his State to a Hindi, Bobby Jindal.

E09E4D1B-4832-4BC7-A0FB-03FB9F2873EB4302F177-0BA2-4E8C-8BED-EBA9E8C234361F206F2B-64C0-475F-B714-438148D8032BCharles Grevemburg is the name given in the caption below the picture recently published by these Pirates, but I’m certain he is called Francis and not Charles.  The Pirates like the name Charles, from the memory of a long ago King who lost his land of Burgundy.

Since the opening of the gates at Charenton, Albania has been the heart of the traitorous clan of the Louisiana Dudneys, and it still is. Charenton/Albania is where Royce Breaux, the daughter of Al Capone, lives today. It’s where you’ll find the entire clan of communism. So who do you think Al Capone descended from if not Mr. Porter.  Surely does look like him.  Before Royce lived there, it was a family related to Dr. and Mrs. Bourgeois.  Dr. Bourgeois is another disguise for Frankie, Jr./McCain.   The woman who might be his wife in this photo is La Viuda Negra, also known as Jonny Breaux, Royce’s sister.  This will lead to the identity of Vince Foster, but meanwhile, let’s look at that wedding photo from the Soros family.

This woman, la Viuda Negra, has played so many roles, pretending to be my mother’s friend, calling herself Joan Herring, Mrs. Bourgeois, who knows how many more?  Could it be that Chatterton, the name Soros uses, is actually a play on the word Charenton?


There’s so much to say about this, and how they are inserting their pirate names surreptitiously into my family tree. Anyone who knows who was really married to whom in my family is now in danger of being suicided, even if they are part Dudney.  Warnings.

Way back in time, there was a white slave girl given the surname Meuller, the subject of several trials in New Orleans in which her white relatives tried to recover her. Her owners bribed judges in New Orleans to repeatedly rule in their favor.  It was reported to the court that she ended up in San Francisco, and had two children with a black man. San Francisco is where the take over of Hawaii was implemented and the  same place that you’ll find the Drumpfs in the 1800’s, after they married into the Mouton family, which I realize now is not actually my ancestry.  The Mouton family are the descendants of the famous criminal La Motte who orchestrated the Affair of the Necklace involving Queen Marie Antoinette.  I actually have no Mouton on my family tree.

As for the Meuller girl, the Dudney book has a story of an ancestor who paid $500 for his wife.  There’s much more to say about this, but let’s look at the portrait of the unidentified woman called Mrs. Caffery, and we begin to get an idea that Mr. Porter may have something to do with this lost white girl who was sold into slavery.  This will also bring us into the name Anastasia and how it is being eliminated from my family tree and replaced with a name from the Dudney family tree.  Yes, they are trying to say that my Aunt Tacia (pronounced with the emphasis on the final a ) was named Felicia.  There are no Felicias in my family but it is a name all over the Dudney family tree. Tacia is obviously a nick name for Anastasia.

Aunt Tacia is also the lady whose entire library and collection of family papers were stolen, just like all of my own family papers and photos have been stolen, and just like my grandparent’s on both sides went through the same thing.  I also know from the white Breaux family, that enormous tracts of land on the Teche side of the Atchafalaya basin were stolen through Court House Thievery in St. Landry Parish. He asked me to keep my eyes open for clues.  St. Landry parish is the place where Bibi’s latest wife is from.

I have found some evidence on this, in a transaction with someone with a name similar to Breaux, more on this later.

This white Breaux family just happens to look exactly precisely like the last legitimate prince of Russia.  I will post his portrait when I find it in my files, but it’s not the almost midget Nicholas who is shown as the last Tzar of Russia whose photo is easy to find on the internet.  There’s another one, and another family that was actually the last legitimate Catholic/Orthodox Tzars of Russia, and it’s difficult to find anything about them other than that they are hidden in Swedish history and identified as Swedes.


This photo is the marriage of the girl I know as Lisa Abrams, but who is actually the daughter of “George Soros”/Chet Chatterton.  The two attendants on either side look like the two people claiming to be the true descendants of the last Tzar of Russia, but it’s not clear.  Their photos and claims were published on an English language website called Fort Russ. [ ]  They certainly could be related to Mr. Porter and his descendant Royce.  So who is this man getting married who looks so much like Bashar Al Assad?  I’ve posted other photos of him and this wedding in a previous article, and he remains to be identified though I have an idea.


The pirates do lie and claim that my Aunt  Anastasia’s name was Felicia.   They also claim that my grandfather’s name was Alfred George when it was actually Alfred Phaedo.  They do this because my family has become almost completely infiltrated by the Secret Society Dudneys which enabled them to take over the movie and music industries, which includes news and education.  Only my mother and father escaped their schemes and married inside our own tribe.  Back around 1956 or 57, a girl named Melissa AshHURST in high school tried to commit suicide because my father chose my mother instead of her, a crypto Jewish girl from the Bastard Pirate Tribe pretending to be Catholic.


Charenton is the source of the word Charo and Caro, I think.  I’ve given much thought to the man named Caro the Drug Lord and his final interview.  I’ll get to that later.

The following portraits are of people associated with Charenton, the section of Albania Plantation that faces Lake Fausee Point.  Called Charenton Beach now,  the place names change constantly, but there’s a house on the edge of the Atchafalaya Basin near the Charenton Casino, that was once part of Albania, but it’s not the main house that is on the Jeanerette Highway.  This is the house that seems to be at the center of events.

This is the only portrait in the publication that doesn’t have the woman’s maiden name or the identification of her family.
This is included in the publication because he was the husband of Christine Berard.  It was her Berard money that built Albania plantation on the site of an older home that had been there already for a long time before 1830.  Agricole is mentioned in George Washington Cable’s stories, which is full of disinformation concerning names, but full of information concerning events.
This would be the father of Christine Berard, wife of Francis Grevemburg.  This man purchased the property at Albania before the present plantation home was built. I’m also descended from a Jean-Baptiste Berard, but this one must be the grandson of my ancestor.


These portraits were published in a pamphlet pictured below.  Obviously the entire pamphlet is to further the switching of identities, judging by whose paintings were chosen, and the false information in some of the captions.  The paintings that were left out are especially important. Those paintings are sequestered, but I’ve seen them.   Peter Patout [also uses several identites] is the local notorious thief of items of historical interest, and many of the paintings shown in this pamphlet are from his collection and attributed to him.  I don’t trust the identities given to the other portraits that were included.  I see a pattern whereby they are attempting to switch identities.a descendant of Jean Berard I who was married around 1755 to Anne Broussard in St. Martinville, La.

What I’ve discovered is that the Pirates have married every single one of my grandfather’s siblings and their children.  My grandfather was Albert “Pep”.  If you watch the silent film version of Robin Hood, you’ll see Pep playing Robin Hood, and you’ll see why they called him Pep.  He used the name Douglas Fairbanks professionally.

And if you watch the silent Robin Hood, you’ll see exactly what Frankie Sr. meant when he sang about the clowns… “They’re already here”.  The clown in that movie, as soon as the King leaves his thrown, jumps into the throne chair and starts to gobble up every morsel of food in front of him, pretending to be King and mimicking the King’s moves.  It’s very funny in the movie.  Not so funny in real life.



This is the man who was killed at Vicksburg, Mississippi so that the two sons of Alexandre Porter were enabled to take over the Albania Plantation and shut down the process of freeing the black slaves.  This program for freeing the slaves and giving them land obviously had begun before the Civil War.  Albania is very close to the Four Corners Community that complained to me about Joan Herring stealing grant money in their name.  They asked me to help them years ago, just like Nancy Sinatra/April Rankin asked me to help her get her son back.  I’m sorry it takes so long to get things done. Just in the past year many more good people have died at the hands of these professional exalted assassins sitting on the thrones of the world.  The bad guys have endless support and fincances.  I’m alone.  The man in the portrait above is an example of what is marked for assassination.  He was trying to ease the slaves gradually into freedom and independence, this put a target on his back that probably looked much like the one on my back now.




Charenton was the home of the Chitimacha Indians.


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