Photos: J. Edgar Hoover

What this link will bring you to is a series of photos of people that I’ve written about. I haven’t shown images of Roy and Ralph Breaux because I’ve only just now found them on this link.

Scroll down and you’ll see a group photo supposedly taken in California. In it, Royal Miller is Roy Breaux, the father of Royce. Ralph Breaux is J. Edgar Hoover. I have no uncertainty about the identities of these two men because I saw them often enough when I was young.

If my Broussard family tree is correct as published by the Dudney branch, then Ralph Breaux was married to a niece of my grandfather. Her name is Lorraine, and she would likely be the other young woman with Arlene and Mike Carr/Lee Harvey Oswald in the photo at Coney Island. The man by her side looks like Ralph.

This is the same Ralph Breaux who is, as I was told by a Dudney in New Iberia, the father of Susan and Barry Ferguson who went to Catholic school with me in New Iberia, La. I have identified Barry Ferguson/CC Adcock as Donald Trump. Now Barry/CC/Donald Trump seems to be on the good side, so I’m not against him. I still need to figure this out completely.

I also knew Bannon growing up, only we called him Oris Cormier, and you’ll see him playing Orson Welles. Now I realize that Cormier is on the Dudney tree, so that explains a lot about why the Dudney controlled media is asking whether or not Bannon is a traitor to the Dudneys.

Welles is also Willis, which is the name of the set designer on the Turner classic movies, the one and only name that ties all the movies together, because it’s the only one that doesn’t change. Astute observation will reveal the same set decorations in many movies that are supposed to be foreign films.

My family all spoke perfect English and French, and my father spoke Spanish. He may have learned German when he was stationed in the army in Frankfurt in the fifties. I once had a photo taken there, of my father holding a ukelele. My mother told me where the photo was taken.

Another person, Senator Joe McCarthy is in the photo, and I have many more questions about him and a possible relationship to Oris.

The person called Clyde Tolson needs some looking into also. This looks like the man named Tillden whose wife Margaret was a member of my great Uncle Paul and Aunt Teen (Braquet) Barras’ family on Lake Dauterive road in Loreauville. Margaret is not shown as their daughter on my documents, but I remember her being in that family. All I can say is that Margaret Arnheim now looks exactly like my Aunt Margaret did, and Aunt Margaret worked in my father’s business, so that’s how the girl named Debra Wasserman Schultz ended up, much later, living with my grandmother, when I wasn’t allowed by my stepmother to do so myself. This all happened while Caro/Carolyn was my stepmother.

These people destroyed my grandmother’s nice house and stole absolutely everything in it, replacing the essential items with cheap substitutes of course. This was when she had Alzheimer’s. Notice the name Heim in that disease?

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