Mafia Government

That a giant Mafia Organization like the US government is expected to arrest itself and carry out punishment of itself is asking the impossible.

That low level ‘good people’ exist in this organized crime syndicate is more wishful thinking. All government positions, down to the welfare office clerks, are filled with Gangsters, except for the positions that require brain power, and those brains might actually be working out of prisons and mental institutions, against their will.

The fact is that Roy Breaux/Al Capone was not exiled or imprisoned. He was in fact set up in business to build ships for the US Navy. But first he had to destroy my family and our businesses because we were already established in the boat building industry at the Port of Iberia. The Walet family was already established in the area of aircraft, mainly out of Patterson, La. in the early days.

All Roy Breaux and his family had to do was wreck our families, kill my siblings, abduct other children into the foster home system, introduce drugs into our community and use mind control technology to hijack the brains of their victims. It’s not like they have been lacking funds to carry this out.

Now that his family of professional assassins is in charge of America’s entire defense industry, it should be no surprise that NATO is prepared to bring on a war against Russia, with no provocation or reason, other than to expand the Capone Empire.

Remember that the name Al Capone is actually a title from the Roman Empire for the person sent into captured territory to deal with the slaves that were already there. It was precisely the slave traders that Ceasar sought to eliminate. Julius Ceasar’s brilliance was to take the former captives into his army if they were willing, and then to establish them as soldiers in outpost communities on the borders.

So I’ll continue to call him Roy and his daughter is Royce. He has other children but when it comes to understanding the lesbian take over of the planet, then Royce gets the prize. So while Abel Danger and Field McConnell (always a ‘con’ in the name), touch on this subject, they are ultimately leading away from the truth about where these lesbians power trippers are getting their power.

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