Trotsky is Robert Hargraves/Tolson/Tilden

I’m familiar with photos of Trotsky because he spent time in Mexico with Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera the artists, back in the 1940’s I think. My University degree is in Fine Arts and I’ve traveled around Mexico.

A while back, when I looked up who BiBi was claiming as his father, I was very intrigued to find him using a photo that I already knew to be Trotsky. Leon Trotsky was a prominent figure in the Russian fall to Communism.

On closer look, I realized that this man first appeared in my life as Norman Chastain, the brother-in-law of the woman named Betty Duhon who worked in my father’s business. The woman in the photo with Bibi’s father/Trotsky looks like Betty. However, if Betty and Joyce were sisters, which they could have been, then there is a resemblance between the two. Joyce was very pretty and she also was an actress.

Betty, Norman and Joyce lived together. Joyce was Norman’s wife. My grandmother called it a “menage a trois”. Weird, secretive people they were and Betty a very hateful, devious Bull Dyke who enjoyed tormenting me, a little kid at the time. The man called Tony Podesta looks very much like the child that was born to that household of three. He was already a terror at a young age.

These people are Hillbillies. These are the ones who are pushing the anti-family agenda, which is nothing more than Hillbillies lifestyle. Calling it “progressive”, when it’s nothing more than chaos and stupidity, how many people have been tricked.

No wonder they are always laughing. What they do to Trump is their standard procedure with everyone. I call on God. I pray every night for the good Lord to destroy our enemies.

I will add to this prayer one more thing. I pray that the whole world will soon see all those insolent smirks wiped off the faces of all these evil creeps, permanently.

Public punishment is the only option at this point. So whoever is spending all that time and money putting out videos about how we should accept private military trials, save your money and your time. No more special treatment for Hillbillies.

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