Paul and Lori Lang. Lori is also Lisa Abrams, the daughter of Chet. See previous posts for details.
Lang children listed.
Children of Paul and Lori Lang, now grown and playing parts in the present government. Another way to describe them, they are the children of Lisa Abram, the grandchildren of Chet/George Soros/Rockefeller.
Lee Harvey Oswald/Mike Carr

Carr’s military record.
Carr’s military record.

The previous photos are from the Nicholl’s collection.

The next photos have been published before and they are not from the Nicholl’s collection. I’m reposting them to remind us where we’ve been and where we are going. When a talented singer or inventor is replaced by a look-alike, we need to ask ourselves where is the real person? Mariah Carey, for example has recently been replaced, and now her estate is being sued into bankruptcy. Where is the real Mariah?

I am concerned because Mariah Carey looks so much like April/Nancy Sinatra, that I’m afraid Nancy Sinatra may have had her babies stolen. I have some evidence for this, but I won’t go into that yet. My own mother, who also made many wonderful movies, is gone. We cannot find her, and I’m afraid she is being abused. How many others are suffering, while Pakistanis and Arabs collect royalties on their movies and songs, and even go so far as to claim these screen identities as their own parents. Just when you think there’s nothing left to steal…

What is a real American anyway? Someone like me who cannot prove being any other place but America for so many generations that it’s not counted, not written anywhere except in Church records, now locked,or else not remembered, not provable because so many documents are hidden. And now we have to go, those of us who are targeted. But where?

If Russia doesn’t take us, it’s just like the South African Whites have been saying for over a generation now: “We’re just waiting to be murdered”.

Unless, hopefully the rumors are true, and undercover agents somewhere are doing their job and capturing high level criminals without regard to status. If so, then I should express gratitude rather than despair. Hi

The following photos have captions.

High level criminals look so innocent when young.

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