Fake History Debunked by Comparing Photos

Anyone can can get online and find lots of photos of outlaws and gangsters.  Here are photos from my collection that can be compared to those online photos from which a pattern emerges telling the truth about our stolen history.

Start with the photos of criminals below found in the Hawaiian textbook, previously referenced, written by Dr. Sai.  I call them criminals because the takeover of Hawaii, like the takeover of America, was an openly criminal act that has never faced justice.  With each unpunished crime, this gang has gained power.

Harris got hold of the “Parker Ranch” in the mid 1800’s and here’s a clue as to why the criminals who stole Hawaii never faced justice.


This one looks almost exactly like the father of Larry Nichols/Bibi. I’ll publish more photos of Charles Nichols as soon as possible.
The name Morgan is one of their favorites, and probably derives from Muggenthal the Jewish family of post Catholic European history.
Watch for this face as a young man in both Dudney photos and outlaw photos.

The Dudney family photos begin here:

There’s photographic evidence recently discovered that this man used a fake beard or fake sideburns to be President Abraham Lincoln.  When a politician refers to Lincoln, it’s an inside joke. The name Burnside is given to a Plantation that still exists and is now haunted.  It was one of many plantations that were confiscated after the Civil War, and it’s French Catholic history erased,

The names are a clue to relationships between Wild West outlaws, US presidents, the Dudney family  and the people who pulled the Hawaii scam.  You can throw in the British royal family and probably some French leaders also.

The names Disney in America and Dudley in Britain both derive from the name Dudney which derives from the name Dieudonne.  The two letters EU are the Hawaiian/Greek word for snake or ground crawling serpent.  It’s pronounced like Jew.

So Dieudonne actually means ‘Jew given’ or ‘from the serpent’ in coded language.

For me, the study of these faces is a bit overwhelming.  I’m also studying the good guys who actually created the silent films, and who invented the technology for offshore oil drilling, along with the bad guys who stole the films, royalties and the identities.

I’ll just publish photos with short notes for now.  The same bad guys and their  families also turned themselves into reconstruction politicians in Louisiana so I’ll publish some photos from all these sources so that anyone who is interested can start doing their own facial comparisons.

When you use Wikipedia, go to the end of the entry and follow the articles that are suggested as related.  A pattern will emerge.

Gender switching and black face are found wherever bad guys are found.  Remember that the judges, marshals, politicians, presidents, British “royals”, thieves and murderers all switch places and are the same group of people.

The only people you won’t find in your searches are the good guys.  For example, if you look for images of Douglas Fairbanks, you’ll only get images of another actor who appears with him in the silent movies, but you won’t find his picture unless you actually watch the movies.

The film Robin Hood is super important for finding code words such as Robert Earl of Huntington, which is the name of Robin Hood/Douglas Fairbanks in the silent movie, which is amazing to watch.  The actor Douglas Fairbanks looks exactly like my deceased brother Clay.   Fairbanks is probably my grandfather, Albert ‘Pep’ Broussard.  Maid Marion looks familiar also, but I’ll save that for another article.  For now we’ll focus on the criminal gang.

Muehlberger  is the author of this book. This looks like the same person who called himself Chief Justice Judd whose photo is in the Hawaii book..  This photograph is key to finding the pattern and this may be a woman.
Notice the name Mueller and Young.
Jessie James and the Rangers are bandits.  So any reference to Rangers in early American history is actually about highway bandits.  Also notice that one of them is called the Deacon.  They always have a fake religious identity.
Someone else is helping us do the comparison work.  The Willis family was especially proud of their outlaw ancestors as I remember.
Here’s the name Miller again.  They often photographed themselves as if they were dead.
Tranny gangsters are nothing new.
Bank robbery has not ended.  It was called TARP recently.
Gangster family of Abe Lincoln.  What kind of person would start something like the “Civil” war and control both North and South, pretending to be enemies and happily slaughter young men by the hundreds of thousands? In Venezuela today you find the same thing.  Maduro is not arresting Guiado because they are on the same side, hoping to slaughter Venezuelans. I would call them Neanderthal in that they hate human beings and even eat them. They prefer to call themselves Democrats today.
Sam Walton with Sue who looks like a man in a dress. Walmart founder from the Dudney family book.
Dudney family Walmart dude.

From the Dudney family book, you’ll see the resemblance between the Hawaii gang and even some present day creeps like Joe Biden, Brigitte Macron, Cathy the sister of Mike Flynn and even Adam Schiff.  You’ll find Sanford Dole and the ancestors of the people who live in Youngsville,  Louisiana who call themselves Broussard and who are related to the Perrins.  Like I warned, it’s a bit overwhelming.


The woman on the right reminds me of Caro/Brigitte Macron, my one time stepmother.   The woman on the left is who Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies must have been patterned after.  In fact this entire family could be the Clampets from that television series.  Didn’t they suddenly become rich even while there is no oil in the Appalachian mountains?  The real source of their oil wealth was from stolen oil royalties.  More on that later.
The name Myrt is all over the Dudney book.


This family has what must be ancestors of Joe Biden, Cathy Flynn, and George Bush.
This is who the faker called Bill Clinton is patterned after.  Next to him is who the spitting image of Cathy Flynn.
George Bush, Jr. lookalike.
Teddy Roosevelt lookalike.  Notice the name Eli because it’s connected to the name Helou.
Compare to outlaw photos.
Another Myrt.
The man in the light colored suit looks like someone in a photo of Bibi/Larry Nichols home.  Also he may be someone I know here in Oceanview whose guests have included other deep state players.  I am surrounded.
Are these both women?
Walton family.

Next are images from a propaganda rag published by a Lafayette Louisiana newspaper.  Jim Bradshaw is the “historian” responsible for propagation of lies about Louisiana history.  Hardly anything in this tabloid is true, but the place is where the Caffery/Mouton family is located now.  The homes of everyone else have been burned.  I myself am an exile, but can’t escape from this bunch now that they have gotten control of our Federal government CIA and FBI.  I suspect that Trump continues to pay their salaries so that they can be rounded up more easily.


Jimmy Stewart is actually John Walet, the father of Frank Sinatra and someone I knew personally because he lived in Loreauville.  It was his trunk of films that were stolen by his grandson, who called himself Senator John McCain.  Notice the coded name of McCain contains the words Mac and Cain.
The Walet brothers owned this flying service which was used for crop dusting. This I was told by my grandfather Sully Berard.   This was the source of the broken propellers that my grandfather Sully used for his airboats.  The fakers claim that Thomas Edison invented airboats and other stolen inventions. The planes were also used in many movies at that time.
The girl in the background looks exactly like my mother’s sister.  Her name was Sue Sue Berard.
The liars focus on their own homes along the Bayou Teche.   They whitewash their traitorous role in the Freemason war against America,  There was no skirmish at this site.  The Yankees were guided into the heart of French Catholic Louisiana by the traitors at Porter Plantation now called Oaklawn.
They destroy all old beautiful buildings except their own.  They especially like to burn courthouses to erase property records.
The Deep South was always French Catholic, but the Freemasons impose their Anglo fake history wherever they go.
Their own homes are well preserved.
This is Albania.  The original family was part of my family tree, but the Delgado brothers assasinated the owner, their friend Charles Francis Grevemburg at Vicksburg, Mississippi and took advantage of the family that remained.  A very sad story.  Ever since then, anyone who has owned this property has not lived very long, so you can see it is in disrepair.
The Porter Plantation owned by the Jamaican negro named Porter who made his money in the slave trade and started the Civil war.  They are shameless hypocrites still. This is where the white slave girl Mueller was kept for breeding purposes, from whom we get the Al Capone family. Her two sons were the Delgado brothers.  Mueller in his identity as Father Maciel’s name is Degolado.  The Louisiana Historical Quarterly has the story, from which I learned that she was sent to San Francisco so that her family couldn’t rescue her.
This was probably the Albania sugar mill, which is where sugar was first refined into crystals.  Like all the other sugar mills, it has been destroyed so that only one viable sugar mill remains holding a monopoly at Patoutville, which was never called by that name before.  I was told that it was Broussard property, maybe once part of Albania.  The word Albania refers to the race or tribe of white people and a place where tribes of white people live.
Theft of oil field history and oil royalties is no different from theft of movie history and royalties.  In this disinformation article the lying propagandist Jim Bradshaw  ignores anything that happened before his gangster family  took over by marrying the Grevemburg girl named Eupheme.  Kerr was the name of the wife of the first reconstruction Governor Foster, from which Mike Carr/Lee Harvey Oswald probably took his name
Post Civil War Freemasons changed the names of many places, giving their Anglo gangster names instead.
A short article about Albania that leaves out all the most important information.  I have more to say about this, and I’m getting there.

Meanwhile, here’s the Mac Clure family from the Dudney book.  Control of the post office allows them to read everyone’s mail.  The name Mac derives from this family who also sold Irish girls into slavery.  The name Mac as a coded name refers to slavery and spying.


Generally the Dudney family was ugly.  Perhaps Narcissisus Belle Jenkins was one of those Irish girls for sale.  The prettiest girls came out of this marriage, but that only enabled them to commit more crimes.


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