Ralph and Roy Breaux

There’s no doubt that our parents kept us from the film industry because they knew about the pedophilia.  Here’s a song from a movie my grandmother waited for weeks to appear in local theatres. We drove to Lafayette to see it.



Mob Influence and Racketeering

Ralph and Roy Breaux are pictured in the article reprinted below.  It’s about Tilden/Tolson, who is reported in other websites as having worked on the Broussard Farm in his younger days.  As I pointed out, brothers Ralph and Roy Breaux are J. Edgar Hoover and Al Capone.  The source of the name “Breaux” is the next question, and how it relates to land taken from a Swede, which may actually have been the Russian Prince Micheal Roman or his descendants.  This questionable event is described in “Strange True Tales of Louisiana”, a book written by George Washington Cable.  I’ll write an article dealing with that event.  As an introduction, this article below explains how Tilden Bonin became effectual head of the FBI by inheriting both the fortune and the files that had been collected by Ralph Breaux.  At this point, the tradition of handing America off from one gay transvestite pedophile to another is well established.

The virtually free oil leases in South Louisiana that were given to these gangsters, is on the same territory that does not have clear title due to  (see previous post) and which originally belonged to members of the Broussard family.  This land, now called the Rockefeller Wildlife Refuge, was passed on to Dudney representatives of the British Monarchy who still control it today.  These oil-lease give-aways are called the Teapot Dome Scandal, and are largely responsible for the funding of world destruction.

The Kennedy Assassination, or whatever it was, was sponsored by this Big Oil Monster, namely Clint Murchison, who is said to have put up the cash for the operation.
In return, Big Oil got their Oil Depletion Allowance, basically meaning they pay no taxes at all, which is a free ride on the backs of all the hard working citizens who do have to pay taxes.   The Military Industrial economy was established; the CIA maintained their stronghold on power and escalated the Vietnam conflict to a full blown war, to be followed by many others, with Catholic men being targeted for the draft.  Lyndon Johnson avoided being indicted for his corruption with Billy Sol Estes and Bobby Baker, almost certain imprisonment, and gained his zenith as the president of the United States.  The first steps toward complete destruction of the planet were begun.


“If the United States ever experiences an attempt at a coup to overthrow the government, it will come from the CIA. The agency represents a tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone.” — JFK


Clyde Tolson

Clyde Tolson

Clyde Tolson was born in Laredo, Missouri, in 1900. He went to business college and at the age of eighteen he moved to Washington where he found work as a clerk in the War Department. In an attempt to improve his future prospects, Tolson attended night classes at George Washington University.

When Tolson obtained a law degree in 1927 he applied to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) but was rejected. He tried again the following year and this time his photograph and application form was seen by J. Edgar Hoover, assistant director of the FBI. Hoover hired Tolson and he was quickly promoted through the ranks and after only three years, he was appointed Assistant Director of the FBI.

Tolson and Hoover became very close friends and for the next forty years they were constant companions. In the FBI the couple were known as “J. Edna and Mother Tolson”. However, fellow homosexual, Truman Capote, preferred the names, “Johnny and Clyde”. Mafia boss, Meyer Lansky, obtained photographic evidence of Hoover’s homosexuality and was able to use this to stop the Federal Bureau of Investigation from looking too closely into his own criminal activities.

J. Edgar Hoover, Royal Miller, Clyde Tolsonand Joseph McCarthy on holiday in California.
J. Edgar Hoover, Royal Miller, Clyde Tolson
and Joseph McCarthy on holiday in California.



Hoover became very dependent on Tolson. Hoover told friends that: “Clyde Tolson is my alter ego. He can read my mind.” A senior official at the FBI later recalled that the two men were always together: “Tolson was smarter than Mr. Hoover – he had a razor-sharp mind. His great failing was that he slavishly followed Mr. Hoover’s every dictate.”

Sometimes journalists hinted at the relationship the two men were having. Time Magazine ran one article where it stated that “Hoover is seldom seen without a male companion, most frequently solemn-faced Clyde Tolson”. When this happened the journalist concerned would find himself being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

When J. Edgar Hoover died in May, 1972, he left virtually the whole of his estate to his long-time companion. Tolson also took control of Hoover’s considerable secret files. Tolson retired from the FBI and according to his friends, that the only time he left the house was to visit Hoover’s grave. When Tolson died in April, 1975, it was reported that the FBI agents arrived at his house and removed all these documents.


Not many of us knew who Lyndon Johnson was before he was placed on the Kennedy presidential ticket in 1960. He was simply a senator from Texas. It was John Kennedy who took the spotlight, leaving LBJ in the shadows.

Johnson was born in 1908 in Johnson City, Texas. There’s no need to bore anyone with the details of his youth. Some claim he was a bully and others describe his inflated ego and his ruthless ambition to succeed.
In 1941, a young Lyndon Johnson tried and failed to be elected as the Texas Democratic Senator. It was a loss that hit Johnson hard and an event he was determined would never be repeated. In 1948 he tried for the Senate seat again, this time up against a popular candidate named Stevenson. Throughout the campaign the polling showed a very close race. Towards the end of the race, it looked like Stevenson was ahead. But Johnson had a secret weapon — the “Duke of Duval County,” George Parr.
Parr [left] controlled the votes in southern Texas. Everyone watched the candidate he backed and his influence was the stuff of legends. Of course, there was a price for Parr’s support. Sometimes it was paid up front but sometimes it was put off to the future.  It was Johnson’s hard luck that Parr had switched his vote in Johnson’s first Senate bid and thus lost Johnson the election. Now, the same George Parr, sufficiently paid by Johnson’s camp and with no offers from the Stevenson camp, delivered the election to Johnson.
Six days after the polls had closed, the winner was still not decided. By all estimates, Stevenson was expected to win. But then something miraculous happened. In the district of Alice, Texas, 202 additional votes suddenly appeared in the Precinct 13 voting box. All but 2 of these were cast for Lyndon Johnson.
“Suspicious officials noted that these 202 names appeared to be added to the list, were in alphabetical order, and were in the same handwriting and written with the same ink. Stevenson cried foul, but Johnson and his “friends” won the election with the support of the Democratic Convention.
Senator Johnson used his office to grow his influence with big oil. His main appeal was his support for the Oil Depletion Allowance which allowed oil companies to avoid taxes on their wealth.
As Robert Bryce pointed out in his book, Cronies: Oil, the Bushes, and the Rise of Texas, America’s Superstate,
“Numerous studies showed that the oilmen were getting a tax break that was unprecedented in American business. While other businessmen had to pay taxes on their income regardless of what they sold, the oilmen got special treatment.”
Bryce gives an example in his book how the oil depreciation allowance works.
“An oilman drills a well that costs $100,000. He finds a reservoir containing $10,000,000 worth of oil. The well produces $1 million worth of oil per year for ten years. In the very first year, thanks to the depletion allowance, the oilman could deduct 27.5 per cent, or $275,000, of that $1 million in income from his taxable income. 
Thus, in just one year, he’s deducted nearly three times his initial investment. But the depletion allowance continues to pay off. For each of the next nine years, he gets to continue taking the $275,000 depletion deduction. By the end of the tenth year, the oilman has deducted $2.75 million from his taxable income, even though his initial investment was only $100,000.”
Such a system was clearly unfair and only benefited a small group of businessmen in Texas. It seemed only a matter of time before Congress removed this tax loophole. However, these oilmen used some of their great wealth to manipulate the politicians in Washington — especially LBJ.”
Kennedy wanted to reduce the Oil Depletion Allowance, forcing oil companies to pay taxes like everyone else. Kennedy also opposed the Vietnam war.


This man looks so much Levie Ransonet, pronounced Leevee Rossinay, also called Randy.


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