What to do?

Information is Power……

Preparation overcomes Fear…….

Don’t attempt to regulate something that you can simulate…….

Make another YouTube…….

Make another Google……..

Make another Word Press (one that doesn’t mess up my formatting)…….

Let it be sponsored by the present administrator at the white house, Our America Man Trump. Make it Ours….

Net Neutrality? How about government neutrality? To Neutralize is a military term meaning ‘to kill’…..

Things that we can provide ourselves within our own community are:

…Free internet with no advertising.

….Free Market places for the small vendors.

…Training and equipment for local militia.

…Prohibit secret service agents….

As a nation:

.. No more foreign aid.

…No more federal government, let border states deal with immigration.

… Local Community issued passports.

…No more state government. .

Most Important…Create an insurance company by and for the people. Contributions pay for pensions, disability and medical.

This company also owns the hospitals, doors are open for whoever needs care, just walk in.

Contributions are from sales taxes on luxury goods. Costa Rica had this system for generations, until recently.

The main difference is that labor should never be taxed, nor should homes. The only thing that should be taxed is commerce of non-essentials.

All local functions are paid with local sales taxes, to encourage the relationship between a healthy economy and a healthy system of community owned resources.

Local schools will be places where community members can offer courses in their areas of expertise, paid for with tax funded vouchers….tax collection is also part of this community owned system.

I’ve written a plan for community economic recovery by simply replacing essential services that we depend on government to provide. It’s called Healing Home…..

It begins with a locally owned charter school, and the tax funds that it receives are kept captive within the system to encourage small business development and to provide essential services.

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