Targeted People and Who Gets the Confiscated Property Under RICO?

Ever since the week of the White House visit by the President of France and his wife Caro who calls herself Brigitte Macron, targeted people have been hit by a wave of all kind of bullets.  You-Tuber James Munder reported the worst of this type of hit.  His credit cards cancelled, cops arrest him for a four year old $40 court fine, which leads to his imprisonment for four days, and eviction from his home  and his car gets impounded at the same time.  A person out on the streets without a credit card finds that, no matter how much money you have in the bank, you can’t get it until the bank is open, and even then, you can’t rent a hotel room.  It’s all been planned so carefully.

As for my experience, my truck mysteriously stops working, the computer battery stops working, the phone stops working, etc…but of course the burden of proof is on me, the only entity with no resources for investigation.

Here on the Big Island, the volcano is blowing, and it’s no wonder that the earth can sense the desperation of the people.  The only person that I know to hear about the Hillary tapes is someone without cell phone, car or radio.  He listens to what people say.

Q posted a reminder of all the formerly Untouchables who’ve been fired recently.  Anyone who still doesn’t know who Q is needs to look it up.

One of the fired, James Comey, looks exactly like my dentist in Loreauville who married the wife of Perry Judice/Kirk Douglas (the real one).   His dentist office is on Bonin Street in Loreauville, as I’ve mentioned, the same street where the Cuban Man (Zapruder Film) Ovey LeBlanc, Sr. lives with the Black Widow.   Also on Bonin Street you’ll find Popeye, another drug runner of some fame.  Now Popeye is an interesting case because when I returned to Loreauville after a long absence, Ovey Leblanc, Jr. told me not to call him Popeye.  I don’t know any other name to call him, because I’ve known him by that name since childhood.  He is the son of Edith Vital, my grandmother’s housekeeper, and our sitter when I was young.  Edith had a son exactly my age and that’s who Popeye is.  Popeye looks alot like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, but this is one that I don’t have much to go by as for photos.

I’ve been kicked off of Facebook and lost a valuable set of contacts.  No reason was given other than that someone in London made repeated attempts to log into my account and that is all the excuse needed.   Anyone can go the Facebook page called ‘Loreauville Memories’ which has lots of photos that illustrate places in Loreauville that I write about.  The page is run by relatives and friends of Jay Dardenne, and it promotes the false history and the Jewish Mafia Families connected to Al Capone/Roy Breaux.  Jay Dardenne has an illegitimate daughter who grew up in Loreauville.  She is the grand-daughter of Homer Dugas, whose photo is posted here.  This photo of Homer Dugas was part of the Arlene Nicholls collection. Homer Dugas is shown sitting with ‘Chet’ aka George Soros back around the 1960’s.  The Homer Dugas family lived next door to me when I was growing up in Loreauville.


Homer Dugas, right, is shown here with Chet/Soros.  Homer’s daughter has an illegitimate child by the man named Jay Dardenne, shown below.  This illegitimate female child is now grown.  Homer and his wife Ana Mae Dugas had several  daughters.  The one named Laurene is active on the ‘Loreauville Memories’ Facebook page, along with a few other persons of interest.
Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, Jewish.  Shown in Hammond Louisiana in 2012, the other man is unidentified.  This photo is from wikipedia.

As for the infamous Pablo Escobar, I must make note that this can be no other than Craig Derouen who makes money recovering sunken treasure with other Pirate descendants (the Avery family, now called Munson) who know where the Catholic ships were sunk.

Now this brings up the next topic.  Who gets the property if and when the RICO statute allows confiscation?  How many family businesses and homes were stolen over the past 3 generations and will then be confiscated by the government under the Trump Administration?  Will any property be returned to the surviving family members?  Or will the government get to keep it all and so what difference does it make to the victims?  Property must be returned to the legitimate owners or else there’s no point in firing or arresting these creeps.  There simply is no justice if the property is not returned.

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