The word ‘apple’ is not mentioned in Genesis, and the word for ‘eat’ and ‘eaten’ actually means to ‘consume by burning’. The word for ‘tree’ is actually ‘stick’.  Strong’s word number 6086 is given to it.  It’s rooted in number 6095, and features a double Tesidaw, the symbol of the serpent, with the sound of the serpent’s hiss: ‘ts’.  Easier to use the Z sound. … Continue reading Apple

The Affair of the Poisons in France 1679-1682

Louis XIV, captured child King, grew up in a corrupt environment of illegitimacy that survived by sucking the lifeblood from Loraine.  What disasters they did not bring upon themselves by enclosure of the commonwealth, God provided the gaps in punishment by sending torrential rains, war and poverty. Along with the Protesters against  long established rules, came the Satanic element.    Inviting “heavenly aid” to fulfill … Continue reading The Affair of the Poisons in France 1679-1682

Isaiah 27:1

Re-translated:  “In that day the Lord with his severe sword, great and strong, will appoint Leviathan, the piercing whisperer Leviathan, that twisting serpent. And he will slay the reptile that is in the sea. Leviathan: Levi- lightweight, nimble, attached, borrowed, loaned. athan- related to carrying, root for the word ‘ass’ meaning ‘donkey. Therefore I see that The Red October is Leviathan, which has an attached … Continue reading Isaiah 27:1

The Ancient Province of Tusayan

The small book pictured above is about the the ancient province that was once called Tusayan, which existed in America long ago.   This image is described as the “Dance Rock and Dance Court at Walpi.  I’m thinking that Walpi is the original word that came to be called Wallet.  This is a dot that connects the dancing and music that came to be made … Continue reading The Ancient Province of Tusayan