The Ancient Province of Tusayan

The small book pictured above is about the the ancient province that was once called Tusayan, which existed in America long ago.   This image is described as the “Dance Rock and Dance Court at Walpi.  I’m thinking that Walpi is the original word that came to be called Wallet.  This is a dot that connects the dancing and music that came to be made … Continue reading The Ancient Province of Tusayan

Collapsed Overpass in the Eastern Amur Region of Russia

Recent news, October 9, 2018, linked to the RIAN archive…   In this photo released by Russian Emergency Situations Ministry parts of the collapsed viaduct lie on the Trans-Baikal Railway track in the town of Svobodny, some 130km north of the Far Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk, Amur region, Russia, October 9, 2018. Editorial use only, no archive, no commercial use. Categories: Disasters & Accidents, Human … Continue reading Collapsed Overpass in the Eastern Amur Region of Russia

Rian Archive and Red October

Remembering Dr. Ryan in the movie ‘Hunt For Red October’, the RIAN archive contains information and media regarding the Russian Federal Security Service.  Vladimir Putin served as Director between July 25, 1998 – August 9, 1999.  Using the search term ‘Rian archive’, you’ll get photos and information such as the following:   File:RIAN archive 895550 Drills for nuclear submarine crews at training center in Murmansk … Continue reading Rian Archive and Red October

Con Men vs. Real People

U.S. Minister John Stevens A Congressional minority report declared that, while they agree in exonerating the Commander of the USS Boston, Captain Wiltze, they could not concur in exonerating the “Minister of the United States”, Mr. John Stevens, shown in the photo above.  Has any such office ever existed in U.S government, or is this a British minister? “Mr. Stevens was an active officious and … Continue reading Con Men vs. Real People