Con Men vs. Real People

US presidents, famous gangsters and experts in education who descend from and are aligned with the illegitimate British Monarchy can be found in the Dudney genealogy book.  It was President Grover Cleveland who demanded that Queen Lili-uokalani grant amnesty to treasonous felons who were then able to continue their efforts to hi-jack Hawaii, committing untold number of other crimes in the process, and continuing to this day.
The man called Lincoln.

john stevens

U.S. Minister John Stevens

A Congressional minority report declared that, while they agree in exonerating the Commander of the USS Boston, Captain Wiltze, they could not concur in exonerating the “Minister of the United States”, Mr. John Stevens, shown in the photo above.  Has any such office ever existed in U.S government, or is this a British minister?

“Mr. Stevens was an active officious and unbecoming participant in the events which led to the Revolution in the “Sandwhich Islands” on the 14, 16, and 17th of January 1893.”  By December of that year, Queen Lili-uokalani was agreeing to allow the Provisional Government Coup conspirators to remain in her kingdom with full privileges and rights, even after their criminal conviction.   It was Mr. John Stevens who ordered the landing of US troops in 1887 to support the insurgents and establish a “Provisional Government”, which exists still today.   It was King Kalakua who was allegedly forced to sign the 1887 Constitution, but he died shortly after in San Francisco, January 20. 1891.  This king’s photograph appears to be switched around this time.



Princess Victoria Kaiulani



This princess’s surname is Cleghorn, the daughter of Archibald Scott Cleghorn.  She was obviously painfully poisoned at the age of 23, judging by the description of her death.  She had been named the heir by the previous King Kalakua, who was her uncle.  She was highly educated and thoroughly prepared to govern.  Even though she was still part of the illegal government, she had all the qualities to be an excellent queen who loved her people and her land.  Her qualifications amounted to having a target on her back.  After her, came Statehood.


Queen Lili-uokalani


The last Queen of Hawaii, this is another example of Africans claiming territory of white people, and kept in power by Pirates.  As if Africa didn’t have enough room for it’s own native population.  The number of secret assassinations that are required to accomplish this take-over is staggering, not to mention the strict censorship of true history and the obliteration of the ancient culture and artifacts.

This Queen was as guilty of treason as anyone else involved in the subjugation of Hawaii.

What about the people who tried to stop the take-over?  They were ‘white men’.

Robert Wilcox


Senator Steven White declared that there never was a cession, and he opposed the annexation, as did a number of other Congressmen.

Robert Wilcox, taking action in Hawaii, was accused of treason by the Provisional (illegal) Government for trying to defend his land against the invaders, but the “natives” refused to convict him.  He was actually obeying common law in which “every private person that is present when any felony is committed, is bound by law to arrest the felon.”

According to Hawaiian Penal Code, the terms felony and crime are …synonymous, and mean such offenses as are punishable with death,” which makes treason a felony.  Therefore Wilcox was not guilty at all.  However, in an upside down legal world, being not guilty is a dangerous situation.  He lashed out at Lorrin Thurston, Minister of the Interior, accusing him and his fellow conspirators of being ‘murderers’, on the floor of the Legislative Assembly in 1890.

One international law scholar, Matthew Craven, explains the dangers of the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement.  He states correctly that accepting  identification as an indigenous people would be to accept the legitimacy of occupation and political marginalization.

“All they might hope for at that level is formal recognition of their vulnerability and continued political marginalization rather than the status accorded under international law to a nation belligerently occupied.”


In the William O. Smith Collection at the Hawaiian Archives there is a near finished version of the 1887 draft with the following endorsement on the back that reads:  “Persons chiefly engaged in drawing up the constitution were — L.A. Thurston, Jonathan Austin, Stanford B. Dole, W.A. Kinney, W.O. Smith, Cecil Brown, Reverend W.B. Olelson, N.B. Emerson, J.A. Kennedy, John A. McCandless, George N. Wilcox, A.S. Wilcox, H. Waterhouse, F. Wundenburg, E.G. Hitchcock, W.E. Rowell, Dr. S.G. Tucker, C.W. Ashford”  Added to this group of individuals were Chief Justice A.F. Judd and Associate Justice Edward Preston who were operating treasonously from within the government.





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