Laws of Occupation in Hawaii, and the Earth: God’s Law or Man’s Law?

What does the word Constitution really mean in it’s Latin roots? The combination of the two words canto and tutor translated correctly means that the imbeciles agree to be guarded by those who practice incantations.  It’s an agreement to participate in a con-job, a constant state of fraudulence and a complete abdication of individual power.  The word ‘Con’ is related to a state of bewitchment.  This is not God’s law, it is Man’s law.

A study of how Hawaii was hi-jacked by Pirates using puppet governments is a study in how the world was hi-jacked by Pirates using puppet governments.

Jen Ruggles is an elected Councilwoman from Hilo District and she is correct in stating that by doing her job she is violating International Law.  Any participation in a treasonous government makes one guilty of treason.  This includes voting, paying taxes, going to court for anything, applying for food stamps and rent subsidies, etc

The 1887 Constitution is still in effect.  It was the third constitution, because constitutions are designed to for constant change.   By stripping native Hawaiians of Land Rights, no Hawaiians were eligible to be in the Noble class, nor could they vote or hold office.  The Bayonet Constitution prevents the ruling King or Queen from appointing a successor unless the Nobles approve.  However, I can assure you that the King at that time and since that time are no more legitimate than the Pirates who still occupy the islands today.  When Lili-okulani agreed to serve as Queen under this state of lawlessness, she herself became as guilty as those who later tried to oust her.

Chief Justice Albert F. Judd, the main conspirator who betrayed his own king, administered the oath to LiliUokuloni.  In her oath, she swore to uphold the Constitution, not to uphold the Hawaiian people or their territorial rights, nor in fact the rights of anyone.  The Anti-Catholicism of this puppet regime is clear evidence that we’re dealing with Pirates.

Previous articles have dealt with the details of the Pirate invasion of the Pacific islands, disguising themselves as Protestant Missionaries.

The adoption of a Constitution is the first step towards enslavement.  The final steps happen after all righteous men and their families have been assassinated.  The incantation effect results in that the slaves defend their slave masters with the full force of their abilities.



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