Ancient Hawaiians


On the left is the King Kam I, whose father is supposed to be the God of War.  Clearly he’s of African descent.  On the right is a Hawaiian Chief prior to the Pirate Invasion.  He is clearly a white man, a Caucasian, and the tattoos on his chest give a good indication of his skin color.  If you had to choose between these two leaders, which would you prefer?

I notice the peculiar head dress of the unnamed Chieftain of Hawaii on the right, and how it resembles the pictures of Tesla’s apparatus to obtain free energy.

My study of the word Haole in the Hebrew dictionary leads me to understand that it means exactly what it sounds like:  Holy.   The Pirates are telling people today that it means white people “without breath”, a Hawaiian insult.

Congress was warned that any country wanting to invade America from the west would have to first occupy Hawaii.

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