The Home of Former Governor Foster of Louisiana

Safari – Oct 15, 2018 at 12:53 PM

This may be only an innocent bystander, whose face is coincidentally not very different from that of Justice Brett Kevinaugh. The Caffery family is deeply involved in politics, and remains still in Louisiana.
This is also the location of the Civil War traitors and it’s where Mrs. Caffery lived.  This is now the home of ex-Governor Foster whose face I am unable to upload, but do please take a look and notice his resemblance to Harvey Weinstein who is not the same person perhaps but a relative. Now Harvey Weinstein resembles TillmanFertitta, owner of the Houston Rockets. Click on the links provided below for his connection to child trafficking along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana.
Alexander Porter’s portrait was published in a previous article. He’s not an Irishman.  He was a Negro, but he had two sons with his white German slave girl, who is identified as Mrs. Caffery in a portrait also previously published on this website. She was given the name Mueller by the New Orleans judge who refused to return her to her family.


A present generation of the Porter family. His face, in my opinion, matches up with that of Brett Kevinaugh.  Of the two sons of the Civil War Mrs. Caffery, one was blonde, the other brunette. So if I’m correct, either the Caffery family has one decent member, or else the Clintons killed his friend, also Trump’s friend and this is their time of revenge.  So now Governor Chris Christy has a brother on the Supreme Court. The players are limited to  the descendants and relatives of Al Capone and Civil War traitors.


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