Isaiah 27:1

Re-translated:  “In that day the Lord with his severe sword, great and strong, will appoint Leviathan, the piercing whisperer Leviathan, that twisting serpent. And he will slay the reptile that is in the sea.

Leviathan: Levi- lightweight, nimble, attached, borrowed, loaned.

athan- related to carrying, root for the word ‘ass’ meaning ‘donkey.

Therefore I see that The Red October is Leviathan, which has an attached and removable, therefore borrowed, jet propulsion, and whose movement through the water is like a serpentine chain, not perfectly straight, neither is it crooked.

The word “reptile” is not in Strong’s but the closest word to it, having the same spelling is translated as ‘stupid ‘, found in Job 18.3.

Leviathan is also mentioned in Psalm 74:14

“You broke the poison of Leviathan, and gave him as support for the people inhabiting the wilderness.”

The wilderness refers to a place that was once inhabited but became overgrown and abandoned, a place where the remnant returns to live peacefully. This place is America, all of it, including some or all of Russia, as I see it.

The word that I translate as “poison”, is a tricky word that can also mean ‘leader, chief or head’, but it’s rooted in the word #7219 in Strong’s which means hemlock, poison, venom of serpents and sounds like the word ‘rose’.

Psalm 104:26  “There the ships will sail about.  There’s that Leviathan, which you made to play there.”

The October Revolution was an illegal takeover by a small group who had no love for Russian Orthodox , as they have not loved American Catholics.  They were especially brutal to the Lithuanian people.


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