The word ‘apple’ is not mentioned in Genesis, and the word for ‘eat’ and ‘eaten’ actually means to ‘consume by burning’.

The word for ‘tree’ is actually ‘stick’.  Strong’s word number 6086 is given to it.  It’s rooted in number 6095, and features a double Tesidaw, the symbol of the serpent, with the sound of the serpent’s hiss: ‘ts’.  Easier to use the Z sound.

The Wizards of Ooze

From word #6086-6116, you’ll find the double Tesidaw, the double hiss.  The definitions range from the basic stick, or an offshoot that provides ooze, to symptoms that result from burning the ooze.

These same sticks also provided the strips of inner bark that were woven into sheets of fabric that were used for clothing and boat sails.  Men who were paid to gather these offshoots of Piper Methysticum were at risk for drug addiction.

Word number 6086 with ‘b’ ending variations carry meanings such as: grieve, hurt, vex, worship, afflicted, hired labor, wound, sorrow.

With an ‘l’ ending, it carries meanings such as ‘indolent, slothful, sluggard, idleness.

With ‘m and r ending it means ‘bone like, barren, oppression, constraints, prison, detaining, shut up.’

Other related words refer to plucking up by roots, having the genitalia removed, barren, a stump, a knotted whip called a scourge, a mongrel race, mortgage, giving oneself as collateral for a loan, a liar in wait.

You’ll notice that all of these words are listed under the letter A, but look closely and you’ll see that the first letter is the Tesidaw, given an ‘apostrophe’ yav as indicator.

It appears that these sticks are also the ‘incense’ being burned in high places. I am concluding that this is crystal meth, which is smoked in a pipe, like crack cocaine.  I actually have a piper methysticum tree and I can see the crystal ooze on the underside of the branches.

So the next question to consider is this regarding Cocaine: Can a white powder be made from a green leaf? What is actually causing all the illnesses, sterility, autism and bullying? What is really in street drugs and pharmaceuticals that’s making people go so far as to sacrifice their children on the altar of modern medicine? Why are there suddenly no more cures for illnesses, only ‘lifetime treatment’ with addictive drugs that make people stupid?  Just asking.

Tons of white powder being processed in Sinaloa, Mexico…passing through Hawaii first, originating in China…and being sold or forced upon people all over the world.

Genesis tells us that Cain was a tiller of the soil. Strong’s tells us that to till means to dig up roots, and is related to the digging of a pit to capture humans to be sold into slavery.  Adam’s voice from the dust may have been his cry to his brother from the pit that he fell inside.

Wasn’t Joseph sent to find his missing brothers? Why weren’t they tending the sheep?

Much of the scriptures can be understood by learning the process for making Tapa cloth.

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