Randy Whatley and Fake History


Randy Whatley appears in an interview with Barry Ancelet at http://www.ladigitalmedia.org…The title of the interview is:

Barry Ancelet & Randy Whatley Interview (1982).

It’s a tedious discussion over the pros and cons of which pronunciation of certain French words is superior, and who’s best qualified to teach.  It’s worth watching to compare his face to other photos of the young Bibi Netanyahu, or Larry Nichols, if you prefer. As Randy Whatley, his hair is permed and cut very short.


While you’re at this website, check out the other films archived there.  Governor Dave Treen has me wondering just how closely he’s related to George Bush the Younger, or even if it’s him.


Also look at films of Governor John Mckeithen for an idea of what it was like to have an excellent Governor in Louisiana. It was during his administration that secret service agencies of the federal government arranged for an invasion of outsourced trouble makers into Louisiana. The footage of the defeated citizens of New Orleans being forced to desegregate schools, knowing fully that the results would be disastrous, is quite sad. Now we’ve experienced the full cycle of what was begun then, as yet another invasion approaches, and New Orleans has been transformed from a charming city into yet another inner city hellhole occupied by foreigners.

Read the captions.

The boy in the center is Larry/Randy, the son of Arlene, nephew of Myrna and James Chatterton to his left. Myrna is the Babushka lady of the Zapruder film. The man to the right looks like the driver at the Kennedy assassination and is possibly Hargraves.
This is so-called Lisa, my so-called friend, but her name is Lori Chatterton in the photos. She does have a sister named Lisa, the two of them make up the famous Clinton Duo, when in full costume.  The occassion is her wedding, and this is not a Catholic Church. Bashar al Assad is marrying Bill Clinton…I know, I’m laughing too.  More wedding and supporting photos have been published in previous posts.

These are the people involved in the identity theft of Vicki Walet/Nancy Sinatra/April Rankin.

A photo of the fake wedding. The girl on the right is Cheryl Mills. The other one looks like it might be a man. Recently on Craigslist Big Island, I came across a wedding dress just like this one for sale. The bride is supposed to be April, according to Pat Rankin who sent me the photos, but most definitely isn’t. Pat Rankin is supposed to be the brother of John Rankin, as previously detailed.
This is supposed to be April/Vicky, but it’s acatually Sarah Netanyahu, photo taken at a young age. I met her and her family while I was married to Randy. They lived in St. Landry parish and were well aware that he was scamming me.
Bibi’s father actually is Trotsky, because Trotsky is Robert Hargraves/Tolson/Tilden.
Does the regicide get to be the next Roi?  This is Arlene’s son. 
We are told here that this is a photo of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting Eva Sandler wife of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and mother of Arieh and Gabriel the victims of Monday’s shooting in Toulouse. March 22, 2012. Photo by Amos Ben Gershom. However, this same woman calls herself Truther Girl on YouTube and I have published photos of her at a party at Arlene’s house on Kua Mo’o Street in Mark Twain subdivision near Naalehu, in the middle of a large grove of Piper Methysticum that looks to be very old.  Discovery Harbor subdivision is next door.  She may be a member of the Perret family in Lafayette, a pusher of false Acadiana history whose mother is a Broussard, as I remember.



The following article relating to systemic crime in Detroit, shows that there is literally no difference between the cops and the criminals.  This situation exists throughout the world. Let’s pray for the good to overcome the evil, and be grateful to those working to make it  happen.

Secret Informants

Biker Boss Locked Up for Plotting to Kill a Snitch [is] One Himself

One of the Highwaymen was convicted alongside the gang’s chief. When he started investigating the club’s leader, he found a shocking secret.

04.30.17 7:00 PM ET

If you ratted out Detroit’s notorious Highwaymen Motorcycle Club, you should know what to expect, members said. Snitches would “wind up in a Dumpster,” one former member testified during a 2010 trial against the club’s leadership.

The club’s leader, Aref “Scarface” Nagi, was obsessed with hunting down the secret informants in their midst when federal investigators infiltrated the Highwaymen in preparation for a massive 2007 racketeering bust. But beneath Nagi’s search for so-called rats was a secret, one former Highwayman now alleges.

Gary Ball Jr., who was convicted alongside Nagi on racketeering charges in 2010 and sentenced to 30 years in federal prison, began investigating his former leader while behind bars, in the hopes of securing a new trial. Ball filed a Freedom of Information Act request for details on Nagi, the Detroit Free Press reported, and the request returned a police file. It revealed that Nagi—the sworn enemy of snitches—had once worked with a federal agency as a secret informant.

Prior to his 2007 arrest on charges including racketeering, assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit murder, Nagi had good reason to worry about undercover spies. At the time of his arrest, the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club was Detroit’s most feared motorcycle gang, operating out of an ominous black clubhouse in southwest Detroit, where a winged skeleton sign hung above the door.

The bike club’s history is as dark as its headquarters. The largest motorcycle club in Detroit at the time of Nagi’s arrest, the Highwaymen are known as an “outlaw” or “one-percenter” club. One-percenter clubs take their name from a famous quote attributed to the American Motorcycle Association in the 1940s: that 99 percent of bikers follow the law, while one percent boast of flouting the law. In 1973, multiple Highwaymen were convicted of bombing rival clubhouses throughout the Detroit area. In a federal racketeering case in 1987, Highwaymen were indicted on a range of charges from drug distribution to kidnappings to arson.

And by the mid-2000s, when Nagi led the Highwaymen, the club was living up to its old reputation for violent crime and drug trafficking. Tales of the gang’s beatings and shootings were so widespread that, beginning in 2005, the FBI began taping Nagi’s phone calls, capturing approximately 30,000 conversations over two years.

Those tapes, played during court proceedings, revealed Nagi bragging about violent crimes he had allegedly committed against those who had angered him, including a cook at a restaurant he owned in Dearborn, Michigan. In one taped call, Nagi claimed to have stabbed the cook and tossed him a Dumpster.

In another recorded conversation, Nagi gave a crony directions by referencing a location as “right down where I shot that guy.”

The FBI also sent an informant to infiltrate the club. But Nagi, growing suspicious of spies, began a campaign to find the rats hidden among the Highwaymen. In court, one former Highwayman testified that he was warned that if he was a snitch he’d “wind up in a Dumpster.” Another testified that the gang had “zero tolerance” for rats and that the punishment for such a betrayal could range from expulsion to death.

“Multiple witnesses testified that, during the summer of 2006, there was a lot of talk at the Detroit Chapter Clubhouse about discovering and punishing the snitch or rat,” a judge wrote in an opinion in Nagi’s case, adding that a picture of the FBI informant “was hanging behind the bar at the Detroit Chapter Clubhouse with ‘rat’ written across it.”

The informant had a bounty on his head, FBI agents testified in court. “They’re going to kill him,” one agent testified at a bond hearing for a Highwayman accused of being tasked with murdering the informant. Nagi was eventually convicted of conspiracy to murder the FBI informant, as well as on racketeering, drug, and firearm charges, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

But Ball, who was convicted alongside Nagi, claims to have unearthed evidence that the former club leader also snitched when it served him.

While in prison, Ball filed a Freedom of Information Act request into Nagi’s history. The file Ball received in return revealed a 1992 operation in which Nagi allegedly worked with federal agents to bust a cocaine sale, according to the Free Press.

Working with Troy, Michigan, police and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Nagi allegedly arranged the delivery of 2 kilograms of cocaine to a parking lot outside a shopping center, where law enforcement agents secretly lay in wait. Once the drug deal took place, Nagi allegedly signaled police and DEA agents to move in.

Nagi’s lawyer, who did not return a request for comment Sunday from The Daily Beast, told the Free Press that Nagi had never been a law enforcement informant and that perhaps Ball had accidentally received a file on the wrong Aref Nagi from the Detroit area. But Ball’s FOIA also contained old mugshots of Nagi and listed his birthdate correctly.

Nagi’s alleged history as an undercover informant is more than hypocritical, Ball and his legal team contend. Ball’s lawyer, who is trying to secure a new trial for his client, says Nagi’s alleged secret history raises the question of whether Nagi snitched on his fellow Highwaymen, possibly feeding confidential information on them to law enforcement in exchange for leniency.

Paradoxically, finding and punishing snitches was something of a team-building exercise among the Highwaymen, a judge ruled in Nagi’s case, writing that the club’s leadership controlled members “by directing attacks on persons perceived to have disrespected a fellow member in some manner, those perceived to have squealed, and those suspected of being snitches.

Members enhanced and protected their reputation and standing as Highwaymen by using intimidation, threats, violent acts, and possession of weapons while carrying out acts of discipline, punishment, intimidation, and retaliation,” the judge wrote in 2011.

“Defendant Nagi was aware of and actively cultivated this fear of retaliation.”

Now it appears that Nagi’s own secret history may be snitching on him.


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