Randy Whatley, Warren Perrin, Bibi Netanyahu and Fake Acadian History (update)

This connection provides a few more dots leading to international child trafficking operations

Randy Whatley, now Bibi Netanyahu, appears in an interview with Barry Ancelet at http://www.ladigitalmedia.org…The title of the interview is:

Barry Ancelet & Randy Whatley Interview (1982).

It’s a tedious discussion over the pronunciation of certain French words, which  is superior, and who’s best qualified to teach.  A lot of free grant  money was available for this false narrative by these fake identities in “Intelligence”. It’s worth watching to compare his face to other photos of the young Bibi Netanyahu, or Larry Nichols, if you prefer. As Randy Whatley, his hair is permed and cut very short.  I was married to him around the time of this interview.


While you’re at this website, check out the other films archived there.  Governor Dave Treen has me wondering just how closely he’s related to George Bush the Younger, or even if it’s him.


Also look at films of Governor John Mckeithen for an idea of what it was like to have an excellent Governor in Louisiana. It was during his administration that secret service agencies of the federal government arranged for an invasion of outsourced trouble makers into Louisiana. The footage of the defeated citizens of New Orleans being forced to desegregate schools, knowing fully that the results would be artificially made to be disastrous, is quite sad. Now we’ve experienced the full cycle of what was begun then, as yet another artificial invasion approaches at our borders and the use of public shaming to allow it.  New Orleans has been transformed from a charming city into yet another inner city hellhole occupied by foreigners.

Read the captions.

The boy in the center is Larry/Randy, the son of Arlene. This is the young Bibi.


These are the people involved in the identity theft of Nancy Sinatra.

This is supposed to be my friend who most people know as “Nancy Sinatra”,  sent to me by an alleged relative but it’s acatually Sarah Netanyahu, photo taken at a young age. I met her and her family while I was married to Randy. They lived in St. Landry parish and were well aware that he was scamming me.
Bibi’s father supposedly, posted online.
This is Arlene’s son.
We are told here that this is a photo of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting Eva Sandler wife of Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and mother of Arieh and Gabriel the victims of Monday’s shooting in Toulouse. March 22, 2012. Photo by Amos Ben Gershom. However, this same woman calls herself Truther Girl on YouTube and I have published photos of her at a party at Arlene’s house on Kua Mo’o Street in Mark Twain subdivision near Naalehu.  She is  a member of the Perrin family in Lafayette, a pusher of false Acadiana history.


Warren Perrin has been prominent in the spreading of false and misleading history. The person who is his daughter is holding the baby in the previous photo with Netanyahu. Warren is shown here in a photo from Bob Hoffman’s magazine, kneeling far left.  Taken at the University of South Louisiana at Lafayette’s weight lifting competition.  The sports mascot  was originally called the Bulldogs, but somehow both the name of the University and the team mascot were  recently changed. The mascot is now called, ugh I hate to say it, “The Ragin Cajuns”. No one asked for that, it was imposed.  He’s also prominent in Eunice, La., where other historical-identity thieves that I’ve mentioned work with him. Go here for ties to fake history http://www.acadianmuseum.com/Warren_Perrin.html and here for important ties to Haiti http://www.lasc.org/press_room/press_releases/2018/2018-03.asp


A baby shower for Warren’s daughter at Arlene’s house on the Big Island:


This is the woman in a previously published photo with Julian Assange.  She also has connections to many others but I’ve written about her in another post and I’ll get back to her.  She attended the Scarsdale reunion. Calls herself various names.


Warren Perrin at Arlene’s for the baby shower.









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