Death in America By Suspension of Driver’s License


The petty problems of us “little people” here in America are like this: Freemasonry controls the entire Judicial, educational and financial system. Freemasonry is openly Anti-Catholic. So try being Catholic in America. The result? At this point, for me, I have no way to get a driver’s license, therefore no way to get water, food or a job.

The driver’s license can’t be un-suspended until I pay an unknown but enormous amount of money for traffic light camera tickets issued by mail, by a law firm in Chicago. These camera tickets are not legal for many reasons, one of which is that they ticket the registered owner of the car and not the driver who committed the offense. Someone installed these things with no tax payer approval, and so I had one just two doors away from my driveway. A ticket or two or three everyday resulted, but I wasn’t driving the car, it was someone helping me with errands.  The result, ten years later is that I’ll be handcuffed and brought to jail if a local cop here even sees me walking down the street.

I tried to obey the law and not drive on public roads. I purchased some acreage in a farm with private roads, no public services, no water and no electricity. I own a small percentage of this 10,000 acre parcel, thinking I could drive legally to get my water in containers and food at a grocery store also on this property.  But there are now always several cops blocking the entrance to water spigots and sitting at the grocery store giving out tickets illegally and what can we do about it?

This is a death sentence and complete tyranny, but as long as it’s only me, no one cares.  If I had lost my license due to drunk driving, I would have it back by now for very little money. But I wasn’t even driving at all, certainly not drunk.

Who cares? Absolutely no one.  This is life in America for some of us. I’ll be waiting for Russia to establish a refugee system for Americans. Maybe I can get a driver’s license and a job there.


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