Here are examples of early American propaganda, published in Canada, which belonged to the grandmother of “Netanyahu”/Larry Nichols.  She was married to the creator of everything we first knew as “Disney”.  This is a family of propagandists. Arlene Nicholl’s expertise was in making up a man to look like a woman.

Estella Fink, Canadian, married Charles August Nichols. Their children were Arlene and Myrna.  Arlene gave birth to Larry Nichols, or Netanyahu if you prefer. Myrna gave birth to two sisters known today as Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are all from California of course.

These are photos of Estella Fink. Notice that her witch’s dress worn for the seance depicted here is exactly like the dresses that the Protestant Pirates gave to the Hawaiian women to wear.

The photographer McDougal is a name associated with the White Water Clinton scandal.

Above we see a collection of Civil War propaganda that was published in Canada.

Here is a letter written by Estella, also called Honey. In it she complains about manipulation of events by the government. Her husband helped create the fake moon landing.  In the end, they were both killed through the fakery that is the cancer industry. Arlene also.

Now we can understand how the following traitorous situation came about.

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