Macron, Benalla: Muhammad Bin Salman

An article from July 2018 in The Guardian entitled “Macron Thinks He’s Untouchable, But the Benalla Affair Could Undo Him” includes a video of “Benalla” illegally dressed as a policeman and beating up severely a so-called “protester” who is not wearing a black mask like the Soros minions do.

So I ask my readers, why does Benalla look so much like the man that we are told is Muhammad Bin Salman?  Furthermore, it is my distinct recollection that, before Bin Salman became famous for his ability to extort large amounts of money from his fellow princes, photos of him showed a smaller man with light brown hair and a huge khazarian nose.

Yes, I’m saying that it’s possible that Macron himself may be the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia now, posing and imposing on the French, who the Saudis historically hate.  I’ve searched for old photos of Bin Salman, but that’s now scrubbed. Maybe someone else out there can help locate old photos of Bin Salman to help determine this.


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