Russians Surrounded, Americans Surrounded

“Additionally, yet another major NATO exercises, Anaconda 2018 will be held this month both in the Baltic States and in Poland. It’s believed that NATO will deploy a total of 150 fighters and helicopters, 45 warships, and well over 5,000 armored vehicles. The Anaconda 2018 scenario will repeat similar military games held in the past with the only difference being the number of servicemen deployed will reach well over a 100,000 drawn from 24 NATO countries and five partner nations. The stated goal is an attempt to prepare for the annexation of Russia’s Kaliningrad region! In Poland, on the border with Belarus, an exercise will be held on the forced eviction of the inhabitants of the city of Bialystok, who are going to find themselves “in the middle of a combat zone.”

Finally, a group of NATO minesweepers have recently entered the port of Batumi, where they held joint exercises with Georgia’s coast guard.

In a bid to come to grips with all this madness, Norway’s NY TID would point out that when somebody starts bashing Russia he should ask himself what would the US do if Mexico created a military alliance with Russia, with the latter deploying nuclear warheads in the immediate vicinity of American borders? What would the US do? And now, notes this media source, explain why should Moscow sit and watch as an ever increasing number of armed and unfriendly armies begin patrolling its…”

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