Land Grants Along the Southern U.S. Border For Military Veterans And Active Duty

Why not let them live along the borders and target practice on wanta be invaders, slave dealers, arms traders and drug smugglers.

God said he would give our enemies as food for the buzzards, and no one would mourn them. Most of our Southern border with Mexico is desolate.  The Mexican people would be thankful.  Ranchers  on both sides of the border would gladly give up a portion of their property in exchange for help dealing with the problem.

Besides, this is the ancient form of self defense in the Roman Empire. This is our God Given form of self defense.  The establishment of Borderlands and Lords were the first, best and last strategy for creating civilization.  The first border troops were freed slaves and they weren’t black, they were French, freed during Caesar’s Gallic wars. In fact the name Franks, for the French people, derived from the word for the redemption of a slave.  And who exactly had enslaved them then, if not the same family of gangsters and pirates who enslave them today.

It’s taken a few generations to obliviate the natural mindset of self defense and being Roman.  You’ll recognize the worst cases of this oblivion in people who repeatedly tell you, “Don’t tell me bad news, I’m only concerned with my own happiness.”  Jeremiah the prophet was in the same predicament.  Then they’ll call you a “conspiracy theorist” and throw you in the muddy well.  Notice the “piracy” in conspiracy?

The editor of State of the Nation, in a recent podcast called them Numbies. (Go to American Intelligence Network for the full podcast.)

He said that California was one of the first places where the “I don’t care” mindset was instilled culturally by secret agencies of our illegal puppet government.  My collection of Arlene’s keepsakes indicate that they started in Monterrey. The clowns became jazz musicians, not very good ones, and Buddy Rich was one of them.

The root of this word Numbies historically and biblically relates to the numbering of the people in order to enslave them.  It is also related to the word ‘numb’. The entire school curriculum on all levels is geared towards creating this attitude which is also termed “not in my backyard”. This refers to the fact that, once trained to not care, they also despise those who do care about the greater world around them, those who warn.  And the only thing that would make them care is when the enemy arrives in his backyard, otherwise he considers it to be none of his business.  The people who ignored warnings in California are having their homes burned via Smart Meter. The people who don’t ignore warnings have been installing off-grid power systems.

Thank God there are still people willing to warn and others willing to heed.


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