The nub of the matter — As with Scotland, also with the world

Mhairi Black is writing  about Scotland, but aren’t we in America also in the same predicament. Scotland was usurped by “Queen” Elizabeth by offering loans to invaders, with the understanding that the loans would be paid with whatever could be stolen from the Scots.  America is being run on the same scheme.  The criminals rely on centralized power to pull this off.

She makes excellent points here, which we should read, since USA is also ruled by Pirates.


Fundamentally, I am sick and tired of Scotland’s future being dictated by governments we never voted for. Characteristically, Mhairi Black gets to the nub of the matter. Having dealt with and dismissed the entire Brexit fiasco, she identifies the core issue. This is why we need to restore Scotland’s rightful constitutional status. Not for the […]

via The nub of the matter — Peter A Bell

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