A Prayer for the Targeted: Jeremiah 18

When Jeremiah was thrown in the muddy well, he changed his prayers. Instead of prayers and warnings for people to survive, he realizes how corrupt they are and so he called on God with these words:

”Shall evil be repaid for good?  For they have dug a pit for my life.

Remember that I stood before you, to speak good for them, To turn away your wrath from them.

Therefore deliver up their children to the famine,  And pour out their blood by the force of the sword.

Let their wives become widows and bereaved of their children.  Let their men be put to death. Their young men slain by the sword in battle.

Let a cry be heard from their houses when you bring a troop suddenly upon them.  For they have dug a pit to take me, and hidden snares for my feet.

Lord, you know all their councils, which are against me to slay me.  Provide no atonement for their iniquity, nor blot out their sin from your sight, but let them be overthrown before you.

Deal with them in the time of your anger.”

This is Jeremiah 18-23, a good prayer for targeted people to remember.


2 thoughts on “A Prayer for the Targeted: Jeremiah 18

  1. You are a Blessing to me your writings of Truth just showed up ! As A Targeted Individual for 30ish years! Music to my ears. Some one like me and they’re will being more of us we need confirmation ,your Gift builds me up ! Encouraging words , the last week has been rou6. But God meets us where we are at Thank you


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