Hoax du jour

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Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, Sr. before becoming Senator of New York.  They pass this position to the next generation of thieves and murderers.

A newsletter for alumni of Scarsdale High School.  Who knows how many identities each of them has.

Scarsdale High School is for British/Saudi Spies, specifically bastard members of the already bastardized “Royal Family”.   The name Flynn is   They have occupied every spy agency in any country in the world that has one.

Who even needs this?

Spying is not what they do. They harass, torment, slander and drive good people to homelessness and suicide.  They steal identities, destroy families for generations, slander good people, steal land, businesses, royalties and patents by installing and operating Illegal Puppet Governments.  They use illegal courts and voter fraud to accomplish this.  Oh, lots of secret assassinations are part of their repertoire, of course, besides the disguises and fake news.

I’ve demonstrated this to a certain point in this journal, I hope.



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