Immigrants as Invaders



Immigrants invaded Hawaii, arriving in a luxury British Ocean Liner in 1898.

Military Occupation “does not transfer the sovereignty to the occupant.”


United States Army and Navy Manual of Civil Affairs Military Government

Field Manual 27-5

And Field Manual 27-10

The Law of Land Warfare

Dept. of the Army,  July  1966

The most important thing to know is that “America” isn’t the “occupier” of Hawaii.  Great Britain laid pirate’s claim to the island from a ship offshore before poor King Kam the slave King was invented.  Then China provided armaments to enforce the pirate claim. Pirates always held power over the figurehead King Kam.  The most important power held by the Pirate government, not King Kam,  was the power to declare war.

The next step was to involve Hawaii in the Spanish American War.  This was a war to establish Communist Pirate control of Mexico by destroying the Catholic government there.   Without having taken control of Hawaii first, the Pirate power in China could not have taken Mexico. From Mexico and Central America, the next invasion is into the homes of Americans.

Therefore what the historical record calls “Great Britain/China” is actually a Pirate occupation force.  Their illegal puppet governments have failed to protect the people by allowing criminals to control the islands, genocide the population and erase the true history and culture of the people.  This is also true throughout the entire world.

The British Puppet government has furthermore used the United States Puppet government  as a patsy to throw guilt upon.  The Bush-Clinton crime  family, which is one and the same with the British Monarchy Usurpers, is highly implicated in the hand-over of the islands to the Chicoms for bleeding of tourist dollars and genocide of the people.  Part of Chicom Pirate strategy is to hide their complicity  by using the media to lie about events.    This is also true the world over.

China itself has a puppet government, so does Great Britain and America and everyone else until recent events have begun to change this.  The real government is a secret criminal organization, which basically “occupies” the world by force of arms, but has no sovereignty over anything. This is the deep state.

A secret session of certain members of the puppet Congress of the USA was used to create a law allowing for the occupation of Hawaii.  Pirate Puppet governments make laws that legalize criminal activity.

Despite the occupation, international laws mandate that the occupation army must continue to enforce the laws in place prior to occupation.  The occupiers cannot impose their own domestic laws without violating international law.

Thus the first illegal Pirate law passed declared that anyone in Hawaii as of August 12th 1898 was declared to be a United States citizen.   This was shortly after the arrival of a large British Ocean Liner full of “immigrants”.  These were the Royal Bastards of the Pirate families, many of them born on U.S. soil.  This is what they want people to believe are “White People”, but every king and queen of Hawaii, after and including King Kam, looks and is Negro and Arabic, which is the racial mixture of the British Monarchy.

After the last negro queen of Hawaii, Chinese criminal gangs took open control of government offices, public parks  and essential businesses and this continues today.  Child trafficking and human hunting are in plentiful evidence, as I’ve previously posted.


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