Cluster Bombing

With great hypocrisy about “human rights”, China complains when the tables turn.  When a secret war becomes public, the advantages of secrecy are lost.  Chinese weapons consist of deceit: lie, cheat and steal from America.  Then all’s fair in war.

Huawei senior executive’s detention – Xinhua |

And here’s Emmanuel Macron getting hit by a raw egg to his head. So in retaliation he’s having NATO troops invade France. Plenty of films depicting extreme violence being done to the unarmed French by these masked  mercenaries.  Twitter @ debeausoleil2012 for a series of posts.


So now the yellow vest movement is infecting the world.

What is this movement?  People walking with a few signs, the press calling this a ‘protest, which inspires the cops to send in infiltrators tasked with starting violence, which in turn allows the uniformed Macron mercenaries to arrest and brutally beat mostly very young French people who happen to be walking and maybe they are “protesting” but regardless, the brutality can only be called IDF.  And didn’t I mention that Macron’s most likely father is BiBi?

The most urgent problem is censorship.  Dealing  with that, following images are related to Scarsdale alumni.  There’s enough information here for experts in various areas of research to hopefully pinpoint the army of English speaking trolls that are shutting down our ability to communicate on social media, and we can hopefully start shutting them down.  These pages deal with the heart of the deep state criminal army, a group who have normalized some very horrendous behavior; a group of dangerous traitors and criminals who have a facade of normalcy and success.  The CIA.  You’ll get an idea of how chummy they are, how inter-related, and how they exclude anyone else from accessing positions of influence.  More to be posted.





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