Guessing Who is Saudi King Salman

5572F104-BDE9-43B8-BD20-9B442FBDA0EF.pngC62277CA-1328-45F1-9917-EE9EDFB98C2B.jpeg2BBAD536-EA4A-490C-86AF-43EC4C3C4751.jpegSo the next question has to be, “Who is this King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, in his other identities?”

Just looking at his face, I am guessing that he’s the father of my high school “friend” Kalil Ackal, that I mentioned in one of my earliest posts. But there are other reasons to suspect him.  He has an obituary also, but I’m wondering if he really died in his sixties, or is this another CIA fake death.

The earlier post was about the influx of the date rape drug into Louisiana, and how Kalil Ackal convinced my boyfriend to slip this drug into my drink back in high school around 1975.  I later learned about how this drug was used on young pages working summers at the Louisiana State Capitol from my husband, Randy Whatley who also identifies as Bibi Netanyahu/Larry Nichols.  Randy informed me that Bo Ackal was the instigator of this crime, and that it was widespread in the State Capitol.   Randy told me that he was working as a legislative assistant at that time, and his duties included bringing these young female pages to Beaumont, Texas for abortions at the end of the summer legislative session.

State  Representative Elias ‘Bo’ Ackal’s details are on Wikipedia, but guess what: not a single photo of him can be found on the internet, which indicates a coverup. I vaguely remember him though, and the younger photos of the King resemble Bo’s son Khalil, which is what alerted me to the possibility.  Bo Ackal is also listed here:

The above link is to a very, very long list of Arab former government officials in the U.S., published by the Arab American Institute.  One early photograph of Mr. Ackal might have slipped past the censorship, but he’s unidentified.  It’s the photo below.  The tall dark man in the shiny suit, middle standing.  Bo was known for his shiny suits.  I’ll call him Bo from here on.  The sign “Program for Progress” is a Freemason program.  I found a copy of this Freemason program online.  Reading it makes me realize to what extent evil people are organized to groom their own to run for public office.

Also notice on his wiki bio that his wife’s last name is Helou, the same name as Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico.  She worked as a secretary at Catholic High School in New Iberia.



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