Dual Citizen Treason

My conclusion is that Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is the Saudi Arabian Trump.  The Traitorous Media hates him profoundly, and assumes his guilt, but there’s no clear hard evidence that the 33 year old Saudi Crown Prince knew of the murder at the Saudi Embassy.  Any rogue element could have entered in, since so many competing factions exist.

The crime families have gotten away with convicting innocent people in the media for so long now, they depend on it. Let me explain.

What the traitorous media doesn’t want you to know is that this Kashoggi was our mortal enemy as a propagandist.  He’s been inciting violence and hatred towards America at least since he established the Muslim Brotherhood with Osama Bin Laden.  He’s certainly a prime suspect in the downing of the Twin Towers.  Ever since then, whatever atrocity is committed in the Middle East by Muslim or Jew, is always attributed to America. This is under Kashoggi who was a highly respected propaganda expert.  Even when ISIS supplies were filmed with the Saudi Royal seal on the boxes, the narrator says, “See how this proves America is supporting ISIS, because America is an ally of Saudi Arabia.”

So much for having Saudi allies.  Countless innocent Catholics have been cruelly tortured and even eaten or served as prepared food in Syria and there are reports also from Europe.  Human bodies have been seen hanging from meat hooks in butcher shops.  Seen, that is, on captured phones.  So I’m not surprised at reports that the children in the migrant caravan were eaten and sold into prostitution by these Muslims.  Honduras and Mexico are very Catholic and Muslims have been taught to hate Catholics. Many people were victimized by horribly in the caravan.

Someone is teaching these Muslims to hate, someone started the barbaric Wahhabism that’s practically everywhere now, and that someone is the Big Man in Charge: King Abdulaziz Bin Salman, the old man I call State Representative Elias ‘Bo’ Ackal.  I’m also thinking of all the secret assasinations around New Iberia.

Somehow Prince Muhammad has convinced his father the king to allow a return to moderate Islam, and a focus on economic improvements including an IPO for Aramco.  The Saudi coffers are about broke, and they share their profits with the Rashid/Rothschild. So their original solution was to send their welfare hordes West to destroy the Christians. They joined up with China to attack us, but then the situation changed.  The King ordered a clean sweep, Bin Talal lost our media empire and no one talks about what kind of corruption was going on, but it probably had something to do with the crimes against children that I’ve been writing about.

Kashoggi’s last interview has him suggesting that the better way to invade and conquer America is through an Arab Spring.  This is called ‘harsh criticism of the House of Saud’ by lying media.  He was suggesting a different strategy to achieve the same goal to destroy us.  An Arab Spring is a deceitful take over strategy.  What this term means can be seen by observing France.  The invader’s goal is to instigate then infiltrate a peaceful demonstration and then hijack it by creating chaos.  Snipers were filmed on a roof top in Paris this week, exactly what was reported in the Eukraine coup.  No one knows where the shots come  from, it can be blamed on anyone.

In the interview, he offered his advice publicly to Bin Salman the Prince, as if asking for a meeting. My guess is that the Prince didn’t want his advice, he wanted him to shut up, which is exactly what I wanted also.

His murder, if indeed there was a murder at all since there’s no corpse, saved lives, prevented war.  Like so many other traitors, he may be American, and he may have had a military trial and was executed for treason, privately by the military.

Certainly we won’t have to suffer through his stupid television programs on history channel anymore.  I’ve also seen his alien spaceship propaganda where he calls himself Dr. Stranges and goes on about Aliens and sells something along with his lies.

Q Post about a new career with links to CIA and FBI job applications led me to verify a few important things that are playing into America’s danger.  I want to know what nation allows Americans dual citizenship and furthermore invites us to work in their spy agencies?  None. But our Spy Agencies allow dual citizens to apply. WTF?  It’s no wonder we have such a disaster on our hands. So the QPost pointed out that insiders can get a fast track into the FBI and CIA, if they have connections, including foreigners.  Furthermore, the description of the training provided to these foreigners is mind blowing.  They learn all the skills to make our lives miserable with their spying, at our expense, and take up government jobs that should be ours.  It’s better to just shut down both agencies.

Is Bo Ackal/King Salman in the Scarsdale reunion photos?  I’ve already published almost all of them, maybe my readers can find it before I do.  I’ll be looking for someone named Habib Lajevardi, might be a match..  If he is a dual citizen, and he must be, then he’s guilty of treason and subject to our laws.  Maybe there’s lots more like him, all over the world in very high positions, but all the more treasonous.  Certainly every nation has laws against treason, and punishments for it that even call for torture.  Maybe that’s why the King of the House of Saud is allowing reforms. All I know is that the lying media doesn’t like the end of Wahhabism.


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