Kashoggi Sure Looks Like Wayne Madsen and Dr. Stranges


Wayne Madsen, when I first came across him, was talking about how the House of Saud had changed the old genealogies to make a fraudulent claim of descent from the fictitious Muhammad.  I suspect that our troops were used to search houses and steal these documents. Of course the troops would have been told that these papers and books were “terror threats”.

Now Madsen’s website looks like it’s being produced by an amateur raging against Trump, completely different from his past professional looking site. Madsen works for NSA according to his previous articles.

I call Muhammad fictitious for a good reason.  The Koran is a Christian document produced at the time of the Governorship by Roman Christians in Damascus and throughout the Middle East. This was recently confirmed by an expert in England.

My recently posted Twitter feed has links to some of these old Roman Fortress cities in Saudi Arabia. The Muslim likes to steal the history of the Roman Empire, because this is precisely the reason Islam was created.  In reality, the Arabians were nomadic tent dwellers and there’s no shame in that culture unless they were professional raiders.  Either way, they did not build forts. They relied on their SWIFT horses.  Just as now, they live on the money that passes swiftly through their banditto banks. Randy Whatley described it to me, calling it “living on the kite”. When SWIFT is gone, and the spy agencies are gone and the slave and drug business is gone, they will have to get jobs.

And of course there’s the money they steal from church collections.  Mecca, the illegal occupation of the Catholic Church, Mormons, Freemasons, etc. The only true church is the Roman Catholic, and this still exists in whoever has resisted the mind control.

Muhammad is based on a real Roman Catholic border Lord who is now called Omar in the Middle East.  Omar is the same as Maurice and James and Guilaume.  In other words, William the Conqueror or someone of the family of the old Counts of Toulouse. A previous article describing how the Arab Wahhabi Muslims presently will not hire anyone named Omar has been posted with a link to the original report out of Syria.

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