Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe

Our Lady of Guadeloupe is the Patron Saint of all America, from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.  This is very important and very good news for us.  She is prophesied to be the one to crush the serpent’s head, the head of the Beast.

 This classic image was imprinted on the cloak of a man who is now called Juan Diego, but whose name in his native language sounds like the word Guadeloupe, which in turn sounds like Gua de la Ope. The word Ope is part of the word Opelousas and can also be Api. 

This cloak has not disintegrated at all in over 500 years.  It is a photograph made by Divine power, same as the Shroud of Turin.  It’s an indication of a future technology that would save the Americas.

Humbly We Pray

God of power and might,

you blessed the Americas at Tepeyac

with the presence of the Virgin Mary at Guadalupe.

May her prayers intercede to help all those who obey your laws.  May her prayers help us to join together with you, to defeat the divisive powers of Satan.

Let your justice be manifest to all America and the world.

May your Holy Kingdom reign, now and forever.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Image of Our Lady is full of symbolism…

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