Habib appears to be Bo Ackal/King Salman. In the group photo above, a Scarsdale High photo of the class officers, notice that everyone is facing Habib.  These others look familiar, one might be Tolson/Tilden, but I don’t want to digress.  The crown was handed to Habib by King Abdullah, another New Iberia and Lafayette name. Do a search for this surname Ladjevardi, and you’ll find a large powerful family, one doing Iranian history at Harvard University, Muslim.  Makes me wonder if Habib doesn’t also secretly control Iran.

These are some of his classmates, including John Podesta for sure, and another person who looks like George Herbert Walker Bush when young.  Too many recognized people to even mention in one post. 

Some of these people are always cross dressed, even at debutant parties. Just about all of these faces were around me in New Iberia and Loreauville Louisiana when I was growing up in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.  Their children were my school mates and I graduated from high school in 1978.  They did not use these names.  I’ll be posting closer ups. I’m working on a tiny iPhone and accidentally erasing things, and some of these have already been posted. I realize now that they are too grainy so I will have to do closeups which is slow and tedious. Will follow up.




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