Willis, Part 3

Grabbing land in Hawaii

The following photos and pages are from a book written by a respected Hawaiian historian named David Keanu Sai, PhD.  The book is titled “Ua Mau Ke Ea, Sovereignty Endures.

He presents partial truth, because he’s biased towards Asians.  He omits that Asians had the highest rate of immigration into Hawaii and also that they were the least educated.  He also omits that Asians now control Hawaii, which is plain to see and painful to experience.

The Asian Hawaiians untruthfully report that Portuguese immigrants were the ones who lacked education and skills. There’s lots of evidence to prove otherwise. In fact, it’s recorded that many Asians were actually sold by certain of their own people and tricked into going to Hawaii to  work hard labor jobs for little money. I read about this in another Asian biased historical  novel called “Hawaii”, by James A. Michener.

The characters whose faces and names are shown below were working for the British Government as agents in the USA.  That’s why Hawaii ended up with a mostly British flag.  The horizontal stripes actually indicate the state of being enslaved. The word stripe has the same root and meaning as the word ‘stupid’. The British flag penned up in the corner indicates who is being enslaved.

The Freemasons have no national boundaries.




0CE5094E-427F-4F2C-8FB0-C85ACDC88779.jpegU.S. Minister Albert Willis involved in the illegal occupation of Hawaii.

Here are the rest of the British agents involved in the Hawaiian land grab:



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