Michael Cohen

Cohen appears to be Vic Breaux.  He’s the one whose name is signed as a witness on my father’s last will and testament.  He’s one of the pallbearers at my father’s funeral who would not look me in the eye, who avoided me, and who would not take my phone call afterwards.

It  also appears that he’s really going to jail, unlike his grandfather Al Capone/Roy Breaux.

When Michael Avenati said that he’s just scratched the surface with this conviction, I can say that if this really is Vic Breaux, then he’s tied into the murder of my father.  Just a scratch on the surface so far, yes certainly no question about it.

If he isn’t Vic Breaux, then Cohen looks exactly like him and behaves exactly like Vic.  Anyone who knows Vic would have to agree.

For one thing, the idea that anyone with any sense would actually hire Vic  Breaux to do legal work or even read over some papers is hilarious.  He’s really as dumb as he looks.

The other hilarious thing is that Trump didn’t even have to take ‘Cohen’ down because Avenati did it for him.  Avenati’s full speech after the sentencing on December 17 has Avenati calling out Cohen for the habitual liar that he is.  Global News has the unedited version on you tube. Avenati says he’ll get Trump next, but he must know that he did Trump a huge favor by putting Vic Breaux in jail.

Then in the ABC interview, Cohen the convicted criminal and admitted liar is treated as the wise sage whose opinion on Trump is revered as gospel truth.  Of course the reporters themselves, and the producers at ABC are no less gangsters and thugs than Cohen/Breaux, so of course they are all in the same sinking boat, if you know what I mean.

Fellow sailors in this ship of fools know more than anyone that the next little scratch will incriminate the MSM interviewers also, and they fear that Cohen will rat them out too, once the longer sentences are looming.

Let me emphasize here that this Vic Breaux person has lived the life of an untouchable.  This is the highest level gangster that exists and the idea of any of his family serving jail time is beyond comprehension for them.  He’s related to Harvey Weinstein. He’s never experienced being on the receiving end of disrespect.  He’s been a punk since he was a child, and this I know personally.  I was always defending the younger kids from him and his temper was fearful.

He watched his father Vance poison my father and set the rest of us up for death.  It’s difficult for me to go into the details right now, but the last time I was on a hunting trip with my family and this was right after Bret died, we flew for a vacation to Colorado with Vance, Lana, Vic, Claudine, Royce and Roy Jr.  We were going to try to have some family time at a hunting lodge in Colorado.  That’s the time that a bullet whizzed passed my ear as I was walking not far from the cabin.  That’s just one example.  I knew it was either him or someone in his family, because who else could it be.

He is from a family of professional assassins and thieves who are millionaires, probably billionaires by now.  He’s been living in a hotel room recently that costs $600 a night.

Since the sentencing, he looks like he’s about to cry, and he really is a big crybaby when he doesn’t get his way.  But he’s a dangerous crybaby.

Now his mother Lana and his sister Claudine will be next, then his cousin Royce/Whoopee and her brother Roy Jr.

You’ll also notice that in the ABC interview, a Senator from Louisiana was included in the report  and his comments included the statement about Cohen, “He’s a gangster”.  When I went to find that clip on YouTube, it’s funny that I typed the search term ‘Michael Cohen Louisiana’…and I was just about to enter the word ‘Senator’, when YouTube auto completed it with the word ‘gangster’.  Then even better, YouTube had censored out all results for ‘Michael Cohen Louisiana Gangster ‘ that are over one week old, by not allowing any other search option.  Now other options are available but there’s no video on the topic. The MSM has monopolize the topic, so you know that these companies are all complicit in the crimes.  Vic is what passes for a crime boss, in this third generation since Al Capone.  I’m not worried about that censorship because I already know more about the subject than I can stomach.

So if this actually is Vic, I’ll say thanks to the lawyer Avenati, and pray that he goes barking up the Breaux tree rather then the Trump tree, because the Breaux tree is full of ripe fruit, ready for the picking.

So Avenati, if you want to be a hero or if you just want justice then save America from the Al Capone Criminal Empire. Lots of people will love you and thank you for it.


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