Keep the Federal Government Closed Permanently

D1293477-C289-46ED-8995-AD5F0896CAC0Who gets a wall?

Only the Bad Guys get walls, and several secret identities, and jobs with fat pensions.

Of course Schumer has another identity also. He’s an Israeli Arab Rashid, Evelyn de Rothschild. That’s why Israelis get a wall and we don’t.  The Israeli wall is to protect the Jewish Invaders from the natives whose land they take continuously.  Bibi is now ready to seize more in Brazil, since it’s working so well in Palestine.

This is what the Jews want as standard infrastructure everywhere.  This is TSA everywhere.  Only the Criminals get to be safe. The rest of us can just die, as they see it.

If the Federal Government gets funded now, it will be an army of bureaucrats that work to destroy the rest of us. Those of us who’ve stuck our necks out for Justice will be exposed once again, with a vengeance, to the various Federal  harassment programs that keep us without basic things like driver’s license, access to water, protection against theft, and right of privacy.  We have no rights whatsoever.

Like me, there are many whose lives are virtual prisons, many more whose prisons are brick and mortar.  And everyone who’s forced to pay for it is equally imprisoned.  The thought of being free seems unreal. Could it happen?  Only when the Federal Government is permanently shut down.

State Government is equally unnecessary and worsening. Most of local governments can be disposed of and replaced by community organizations.

Imagine all that money freed up for productive use.  Imagine no more taking from workers to give to others who don’t work.  Imagine a fair system where raising children in intact families is recognized as essential work which qualifies for a pension.

Shut down the government and prosecute anyone who wants it back.  Why not hold a vote on it, after the Voter ID’s are approved…but much better if government stays shut down until then, especially TSA.

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