Normalizing Freaks: Senator Mazie Hirono

Before giving the right to vote, checking to see if the person is sane would be a good idea.  Inbreeding creates insanity.  This is a fact.  There was no need for insane asylums in America until Ellis Island became a gateway for Eastern Europe’s inbred Anti-Catholic masses.

Their lack of Catholic upbringing has resulted in a freakish culture that allows for just about anything in terms of breeding.  Mothers with sons, father with daughter, brother with sister…Now these same freaks have taken over the Catholic Church and they hope to normalize freaky lifestyles.

Senator Mazie Hirono could be a man dressed as a woman, and probably is, yet he/she bemoans  that men have all the good jobs, which isn’t really true.  Nancy Pelosi is doing well. So is Hillary and Bill.  But they’re all still in the freak category and living luxurious lives at the expense of decent people.

Here’s a mild example of why a sanity test should precede the right to vote.

It’s a response  to Hirono’s anti-wall Twitter twatter :
“Kathleen Parker
Dec 30
Replying to
I wasn’t just angry when Trump won, I was terrified. I’ve never felt like that about an election before. As an Empath, I feel everything, sometimes before it actually happens. In this case, my instincts were right on point. And what I feel isn’t over, Trump has only just begun.”


This one isn’t as bad as most.  Freaks generally require social welfare programs for survival. This is slavery for those who have to pay for all the freaks.  Not having to work allows freaks to  multiply like locusts, especially the expensive freaks in government.

In fact, government itself is designed by and for freaks. The rest of us don’t need it.

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