Turks in Rome


The Turks have been historically the  enemies of Rome and Christians since ancient days. The reason for this is told in the poem attributed to Shakespeare called The Rape of Lucrece.

The story is told that Lucrecia’s husband Collatine told Tarquinius of her chastity, which inspired the evil Tarquinius to want to rape her, which he did.

Because he had ascended to king by force, he felt he could take whatever else he wanted by force.

Then he told Lucrece that he’d kill one of her servants and put him in bed with her dead body, so as to humiliate her husband and his friend, Collatine. Lucrece ended up killing herself right after revealing the identity of the rapist to three people: Her husband, Collatine; her father, Lucretius; and Junius Brutus.

Brutus’ response to her suicide,

“Thy wretched wife mistook the matter so,

to slay herself, that should have slain her foe..

Since Rome herself in them doth stand disgraced…

Now by the Capital that we adore…”

The Capital being Constantinople at that time, Brutus calls for arms saying,

“we will avenge the death of this true wife.”



Tarquinius is a dark skinned mixed breed bastard whose family background is told in another play called ‘Othello’.

“Some of her blood still pure and red  remained, And some look’d black, and that false Tarquinius stained.”

We’ll be looking at more of the Shax Berd plays eventually, but this one is very important in terms of present day events.  Today The Turks have returned and have conquered the Roman Capital, Constantinople. And they aren’t satisfied with just that.






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