Bad Actors

There are a few more actors in this play that I’ve been thinking about and hesitate to name. I don’t want to add to the confusion.

I’ve been looking at Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono and Karen Pence and they are both looking like men.

The badness of this play can be summed up by these identities.

The following comment was in response to Schumer’s last Twitter on November 13, and it reflects my own feelings about the childishness of the two political parties.

“Chantel Sloan
Jan 21
Replying to

…Please stop the partisanship. The American people are so tired. Please surprise us by stopping to demonize the other side. Republicans must do the same. #shutdown2018 #surpriseus

And this one is also important:

“Jul 9
Replying to Chuck Schumer:
…The ultimate goal is to reduce the SIZE and SCOPE of Government. You all scream separation of CHURCH and STATE, yet you continue to grow the SIZE of GOVERNMENT to function in roles that BELONG SOLELY TO THE CHURCH, The Synagogue, and The Mosque.”

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono continues to stir up trouble as if “she” speaks for all women. First of all, she could very well be a man dressed as a woman and if he is, I’ve published his photo here previously. He’s another of Arlene’s friends and one of his photos is him in an Army uniform.

I’m so sick of politicians dividing us up in terms of “minority women” and other divisive terms that are meaningless to anyone not seeking votes. Especially irritating is when these liberated feminists are mostly men in women’s clothing. Nice clothing that I wish I could afford.

When does the call for honesty begin?

This following comment by Mazie sums up the hypocrisy of the Freemason Anti Catholic government that hopefully stays shut down foreverer:

“Republicans’ refusal to confirm qualified minority women, and their insistence on filling it with a man whose career is filled with examples of his using the law to advance a racist, obstructionist, plainly un-American agenda.”

Americans don’t care about these stupid divisions, we need honesty and fairness.

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