Invasion of Fakers

  This investigation began because of the stack of letters that I have that were written to Arlene from Tom in the 1960’s. Because Tom Casey is the name on those letters from Arlene’s friend, who turned out to be Tom Clancy and because the name Bill Casey was in my collection of quotes taken from the book about the Mossad called “Gideon’s Spies”, I … Continue reading Invasion of Fakers

Media Monopoly

Here’s the name “Steel” again.  They sure do like that name. The subject of the article? Globalism and the call for diversity in 1967. Max Keizer, is that you? These are a few random people from that issue of Newsweek, and the articles also are very revealing.  I’ll be posting some excerpts as they apply to future articles of mine.  These images point out what … Continue reading Media Monopoly

The Many Faces of Treason

Bob Hoffman is General Steiner. Looking up Bob Hoffman on Wikipedia leads to his connections to anabolic steroids, and his military career in Europe. From the book “Gideon’s Spies”, The History of the Mossad”: ”Purges had ruined careers…loss of morale [morals probably]…increased with the appointment of Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s youngest prime minister, [and with] an intelligence background…” “Matters had become alarming when not only … Continue reading The Many Faces of Treason

Inside Report From the Censorship Traitors

Link to the full report here: The writers of this report are the people whose job is to shut down all discussions about Voter Fraud.  Or, to rephrase that, the people whose job is to promote Voter Fraud by targeting anyone who doesn’t like Voter Fraud. Here’s an example of how they simply cannot comprehend the natural concerns over the destruction of our voting … Continue reading Inside Report From the Censorship Traitors

Mitt Romney=Jim Carrey

I’d like to post some visual aids for this identity match, but a glitch/censorship in my WordPress program is not allowing me to post images today. No matter because anyone can google these two characters, click on the “images” option  and take note that Jim Carrey has a fake clown nose, but other than that it’s a perfect match. I first noted Romney’s evil looks … Continue reading Mitt Romney=Jim Carrey

Foreign Control of U. S. Entertainment

Getting into this subject, I’ll post a few things from Arlene’s keepsakes that deal with the takeover of California by secret agent clowns. This includes weight lifting, which introduces it’s relationship to mail order and mailing list compilations that have evolved into full spectrum information gangsterism.  The name Joe Weider is prominent, and his name is recently being mentioned in relation to insider real estate … Continue reading Foreign Control of U. S. Entertainment

Profaning the Name of Israel by Applying it to the Heathen

The Prophet Isaiah was told in precise terms that the heathen would call themselves by God’s name, and that God’s people in the midst of the heathen would also sin by calling the heathen “Israel”. Isa 36:20 ”And when they entered unto the heathen, wherever they went, they profaned my name when they said to them, “These are the people of the Lord, and are … Continue reading Profaning the Name of Israel by Applying it to the Heathen