Claiming Your Heritage

Since he’s described as an “American missionary”, we know he’s a British Pirate. His job was to destroy the ancient Hawaiian religion, Roman Catholicism.
Catholics were imprisoned in Honolulu until a French warship freed them.

The man holding the gun below is British, very much looking like a Pirate.


The following are details of an engraving of a Hawaiian Chief whose name has been censored.  This engraved image, which is only about 2 inches by 3 inches, provides much information. I am working on a painting of it to study it more closely.


Trying to stay as true to the engraving as possible, the tattoos are easier to see in this illustration. The helmet is a woven type of Roman helmet and the mushrooms on the helmet are a mystery. The cloak is a feather cloak.  The sun shaped tattoo on forehead is a compass and a symbol for Saul. The tattoo on his cheek is a deer symbol. The tattoo over his right eye is a two masted sailboat. This painting is not finished yet. 
This is a painting based on another image from the Hawaiian Archives.  It shows the women wearing Hopi hairstyles, two buns over the ears for an unmarried girl, but one bun for a married woman.  The men wore underneath their Pili grass over skirts, shorts made of tapa cloth.

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