Ever since I first saw photos of Eric Holder, he struck me as being a darker skinned version of Robert Earl Willis.  I overlooked the resemblance at the time because  he wasn’t my focus. Holder’s photos came up in connection with my research into Obama’s religion of the Monkey God Hanuman, so popular in India. While studying his images posted online, you’ll notice that the color of his skin on his hands doesn’t match his face.  Generally a person has somewhat darker hand skin color due to sun exposure.  However, Eric has the opposite. This is the only evidence that Holder is the person I know as Robert Earl, but considering the Willis role in the Wikileaks documents, and the Holder announcement of himself as a possible presidential candidate, this connection has been bugging me.
The hand skin color is the problem.  This has also been pointed out on Obama’s hands, and on one filming of Obama removing his shirt to play basketball.

The Wikileaks documents reveal the ongoing Willis efforts to replace truck and tanker oil transportation with pipelines. The reason given is that pipelines are less susceptible to terrorist  sabotage, which is the exact opposite of the truth.

it was Randy Whatley/Bibi who first informed me of a case of illegally siphoning oil from a pipeline. The perpetrator had built an ostentatious mansion in Breaux Bridge, La.  I’ve also heard rumors that the strategic oil reserves are siphoned by certain untouchables. While I cannot remember details of these court cases, the fact is that pipelines lend themselves to siphoning.



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