St. Martinville, Louisiana and the Willis Clan

The website at has an interesting list of recent busts, including one in St. Martinville, La. involving a deputy named Cody Dodge.

This apparently minor bust ties into the well known fact that local police and politicians in St. Martinville use prisoners to distribute drugs.  Cody’s last name may not actually be ‘Dodge’.  He could be a key witness besides being an accomplice to crimes related to my father’s death.  He’ll certainly know who Robert Earl Willis is, and the rest of that clan as well.

Many of these indictments tie in to information that I picked up from Ovey Leblanc, Jr., son of the Cuban man on the Zapruder film. He’s a childhood friend, like so many other traitors that I’ve been writing about, but he’s far from the worst of them.

What I know from Ovey, Jr. is that he was tied into a Baton Rouge  pain management clinic run by a doctor friend of his who I met but can’t remember the name.  This doctor supplied him with large quantities of OxyContin or some similar drug, which Ovey resold.

The DOJ list includes a bust of just this type of clinic in Baton Rouge, La.  Ovey told me of bringing drugs to California by wrapping them up in the roots of expensive Sago Palm trees.  Ovey’s cover was a landscape business, the truly sad part being that he actually is a very talented landscaper.  Another potentially decent person who was pulled into the family crime syndicate.  The DOJ list includes clinics and individuals busted for Medicare fraud in California.

If the network is unraveling, then thank God.  From Columbia to St. Martinville, to California…

Keep an eye on


As for Willis, the havoc created in every country where they did business is shown on this website:

giving details about the individuals imprisoned and targeted by their governments.  The billions in waste that surrounds the quest for the Willis oil transportation and refining monopolies had to come from someplace. The cables reveal that the main investment came from a company in the Middle East that controls or owns copyrights and patents.  The cost overruns due to incompetence at the engineering level ran into several billion dollars. I suspect that the petroleum engineer responsible is someone who I’ve mentioned previously, the one who looks like Pablo Escobar… who at that time worked at the Port of Iberia. I won’t mention his name in this article.

Also, the raid on Wiltshire Blvd. in Hollywood, the night of the Grammys, has drawn much speculation. The most interesting comment I’ve heard is that the group of people in white running out of the building and into Black Hawk helicopters appear to be children.  The location is said to be the union hall for movie producers, which opens up an entire new discussion as to how mob-controlled unions ended up controlling the movie industry.


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