Foreign Control of U. S. Entertainment

Getting into this subject, I’ll post a few things from Arlene’s keepsakes that deal with the takeover of California by secret agent clowns. This includes weight lifting, which introduces it’s relationship to mail order and mailing list compilations that have evolved into full spectrum information gangsterism.  The name Joe Weider is prominent, and his name is recently being mentioned in relation to insider real estate transactions in Alaska using County courthouse connections.

Also related to California, I have a wonderful collection of letters from Tom Casey to Arlene, and both the handwriting and subject matter convince me that he’s the guy we call Tom Clancy.  He even tells Arlene, back in the sixties, that he’ll start writing novels because he’s disgusted with his job as fireman in Beverly Hills.  So he writes a series of letters while he travels the West Coast in a hippy van.

Looking through a bunch of Tom Clancy books, the non-fiction “Shadow Warriors” stands out for several reasons. The most obvious and disturbing points  that he makes are about the repeated “intelligence” foul ups that have cost the lives of so many of our finest military, most notably the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, while it was under the watch of General Carl Steiner.  Just so happens that this same General Steiner co-writes “Shadow Warriors” with Tom Clancy, with another Jew chipping in whose name is Tony Koltz.

Also worthy of attention, and brought to light in “Shadow Warriors”, is the overwhelming Jewishness of our top military leadership, way out of proportion to the percentage of Jews in the population.  I could even call it a monopoly.

A few selections from Arlene’s collection:

A rare incidence of Tom using his last name on the return address.  Since he’s traveling, he uses General Delivery.
Tom knows Zabo.
A few letters are written in pencil on the back of a Beverly Hills Fire Department form.
Amazing that I can read this as is by enlarging it, but I’ll transcribe these letters one day.
A random sample letter.
This one is interesting because he’s writing about Awa, Piper Methysticum.  He had sent her some xeroxed pages from the public library, which I have published.
Another sample letter from Tom.
He sent several postcards, some from around Monterey.
Gabor Szabo as Guitarist.  Apparently he also became Sza Sza Gabor later.



Arlene with two unidentified men.


Jazz music actually begins in the forties by white musicians such as the man we now call Dean Martin, and a grown up “Shirley Temple”/Judy Garland, but they use various stage names over the years.  The myth of Jazz as music invented by Negroes begins here.
The cross from weight lifting to Jazz is through Zabo.
This is the father of Bill and Hillary.


Or you can just call him Soros.


These are the faces involved in the takeover.

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