Mazie Hirono-Castillo=Karen Pence (update)

The resemblance between Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono and Karen Pence, and the man in these photos from Arlene’s keepsakes is worth noting.

One photo identities him as “Randy”.  His uniform name tag says “Castillo”.




Castillo in photo taken in Hawaii with the woman called Suzy who was “Dean Martin’s” stage wife for publicity photos.  These photos are about 20 years old, but I’ll try to pin down an exact date after reviewing some related photos.



The blonde kid is Esteven, as I knew him in Costa Rica. He was the boyfriend of Lisa Abrams/Bill Clinton.
This was a memorial gathering after Arlene’s death.
This photo is from a series of the worst photos I’ve ever seen. But the people depicted are all well known.
The child holding the bouquet of flowers is a boy.  Apparently this is a rite of passage, poor kid, he looks so disgusted. But he adapted to it.  I’m fairly sure that he’s the same person as Brooke Shields.  His younger brother, the blonde kid to his right, didn’t.  He’s the one I knew as Esteven in Costa Rica, who was in the surfer movie that I wrote about previously.  The woman with the lei is the same one that stole Oshners Hospital, apparently through identity theft, calling herself Mary Ochsenslager.



The more I look at this man, despite the awful quality of the images, the more he looks like Bill Maher. I have reason to believe that he goes by the name Quinn, connected to Sally Quinn probably and connected with the house in my neighborhood  that had so much evidence of child sacrifice.  This is a house which was also well known by locals to be haunted.  It is.  This is a tragic family that I could write more about, but it’s all so overwhelming for me. Takes time and it involves people who now live near me and who know me and my family.  I actually feel sorry for his family, hopelessly corrupt though they are.
Possibly Bill Maher/ Leland Quinn, connected to Castillo/Hirono/Pence.
An onlooker who looks like Bibi/Larry’s wife.
Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono.


Salute to Our Armed Services BallUS Vice President Mike Pence visits Georgia, Tbilisi - 31 Jul 2017


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