Mitt Romney=Jim Carrey

I’d like to post some visual aids for this identity match, but a glitch/censorship in my WordPress program is not allowing me to post images today. No matter because anyone can google these two characters, click on the “images” option  and take note that Jim Carrey has a fake clown nose, but other than that it’s a perfect match.

I first noted Romney’s evil looks given to Trump in the funny video that was deleted because of the song “Everybody Hurts”.  The looks on the faces of these evil Congressional fakers was both funny and scary at the same time.

The look on Romney’s face during that recent address to Congress also matches up perfectly with Carrey’s vulgarities regarding Trump. That’s the tip-off. Romney had the look of a killer, and moreover a powerless killer whose frustration led to a conjunction between the two most despicable characters ever created, namely Romney and Carrey.

Now the Satanic Cabal can try to censor images of this overly promoted demon in both of his identities. That in itself will be funny.

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